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  1. risk factors for cholangiocarcinoma
    • sclerosisng cholangitis
    • ascending cholangitis
  2. most common cause of death in systemic scleroderma
    lung fibrosis-pulmonary htn
  3. what causes hyperosmolan nonketotic coma
    • stress--infections
    • thiazides--loops-like thiazide
  4. rx for uterine atony?
    • massage
    • oxytocin
    • uterine artery ligation
  5. what tumor can cause pure red cell aplasia
  6. birbeck cells are found where
    langerhans cells
  7. rx for aspirin overdose
    iv bicarb--increases ph of urine
  8. presentaiton of iga heavy chain disease
    • malabsorption
    • stomach cancer
  9. what kind of margins does a h.pylori ulcer have
    • smooth
    • irregular
  10. whats the only qualittative platelet disorder that cannot be fixed with an aggregative agent
    glanzman thrombostenai
  11. dx and rx for ovarian torsion
  12. at what portion of colon does hirshsprung
    • rectosigmoid most commonly
    • but any portion can be affected
  13. in a fracture of a limb, when do you evaluate vasculature vs open exploration
    • if there is signs of hemorrhage you do sx
    • if there is no major blood compromise, do angriography
  14. pityriasis roseasa presentation
    single patc
  15. effect on blood pressure, lipids in low thyroid state
    • htn
    • high lipids
  16. coin-shaped lesions on the extensor surfaces
    nummular dermatitis
  17. white reflex bilateral and present at birth
    white reflex unilateral and develops later
    • benign
    • malignant
  18. dry eyes and sensation of foreign body in the eye, dxk
    keratoconjunctivits--rx is artificial tears
  19. hep b or hep c has a acute phase that shows in a patient
    hep b
  20. turp is done for what
  21. rx for localized prostate cancer
    radical prostatectomy
  22. inr of 3-4
    mechanical heart valves
  23. prematurity cause of obstructive hydrocephalus
    germinal matrix hemorrhage
  24. best test for urinary bladder cancer
  25. rx for pcv with thrombosis
    • phlebotomy for htc<45%
    • hydroxyurea
  26. rx for mitral stenosis

    balloon if fails then replace

  27. most accurate test for duchene muscular dystrophy
    pcr for dystrophyin gene
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