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  1. brown scaly patches in groin, axilla and between toes
  2. best initial step in evaluating valve incompetence or stenosis
    transthoracic cardio
  3. what is enthethosapy, where do you see it?
    • inflammation at tendon insertion
    • seen in ankylosing spondylitis
  4. next step in dx of active gi bleeding
    occult bleeding
    • endoscopy
    • colonoscopy
  5. what is the normal tidal volume a patient should get?
    • 10-15 ml/kg
    • copd--half of that
  6. best initial test for acute mesenteric ischemia nad ishemic colitis
    most accurate
    ct scan

    • most accurate--acute mesenteric ischemia--angiography
    • ischemic colitis--colonoscopy
  7. rx for scrotal abscess?
    open surgical drainage
  8. adverse side effect of oxytoxin
    uterine hyperstimulation
  9. vitamin k deficiency produces what elevation
    • pt
    • ptt
  10. what risk factors warrants pevalizumab
    bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  11. cause of peritoneal carcinomatosis
    ovarian tumors
  12. rx for htn in apkd?
    ace inhibitors
  13. best initial test for raynauds phenomenon
    • nail fold microscopy
    • most accurate is ¬†anti--centromete or topoisomerase
  14. symptoms of ovarian overstimulation syndrome
    • hydrothorax
    • ascites
    • large ovaries
  15. what percentage of hepatic adenoma turn malignant
  16. patient should have to do what before discharge
    • ambulate
    • normal vital signs
    • oral intake
  17. rx for promethazine resistant vomiting
    • odansetron
    • dexamethasone
    • fosaprepitantwh
  18. how much of rhogam do you give
    you have to determine how much blood mixing occured
  19. rx for slowly developed hyponatremia
    hypotonic 5% dextrose in 0.45% sodium
  20. progestin in ocp protects against what cancer
  21. gardner syndrome
    • colonic polyps
    • + retinal growths
    • osteoma
  22. next step in management for ischmic pain with equivical ekg, cardiac enzymes and refractory to medical management
  23. side effect of azt
    • bone marrrow suppression
    • myopathy
  24. which one is symptomatic thalassemia alpha minor or thallasemia beta
  25. which three thallsamies are not symptoms
    • beta trait
    • alpha minor
    • alpha trait
  26. which thalsamisas require transfusion
    beta and H
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