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  1. generator comes online and engine crank switch returns to off at what % N2 RPM?
  2. What is normal ground idle N2 RPM?
    61% minimum
  3. During engine start oil pressure must reach a minimum of how many PSI within what time?
    • 10 PSI
    • 30 Seconds
  4. What position should bleed air knob be in prior to engine shut down?
  5. During APU start green ready light must come on within how many seconds?
    30 Seconds
  6. When can you turn APU or engines for fuel leaks?
  7. What is max fan vibration limit?
    1.6 IPS max
  8. To prevent engine damage do not motor engine between X% and Y% N2 RPM
    26% and 29% N2 RPM
  9. What is normal ground idle oil pressure?
    35 to 90 PSI
  10. Why do you need to wait 2 minutes between APU shut down and another start?
    To prevent running engagements and APU exhaust torching.
  11. You must wait how long between fire test 'loop A' and 'loop B'?
    5 to 7 seconds
  12. What is the MSP code for a low fire bottle?
  13. What is maximum transient EGT during engine start?
    871 degrees Celcius
  14. Operating engine should be at what %N2 for a crossbleed start?
  15. what is normal idle nozzle position?
    77% to 83%
  16. When performing fire light shutdown, you must get a BOOST LO caution withing how many seconds, after selecting the fire light, and throttle must be placed in the off position when?
    5 seconds, turned off IMMEDIATELY
  17. During cold weather, is it required to windmill the engine prior to start?
  18. What is normal fuel flow at ground idle?
    600 to 900 PPH
  19. What is the Maximum Core Vibration?
    2.2 IPS MAX
  20. In the NATOPS immediate action items are indicated by what symbol?
    The Asterisk*
  21. What are the procedures for an AV AIR HOT caution?
    • Ground:
    • 1. ECS Mode switch - Verify Auto
    • 2. Bleed air knob - Cycle
    • 3. Either throttle - Advance above 74% RPM
    • 4. APU switch - ON
    • 5. Bleed air knob - AUG PULL
  22. what is the minimum fuel load for engine operation?
    2000 lbs
  23. What is the first step to be done before any APU/ENGINE turn up?
    • Read ADB
    • 'Aircraft Discrepancy Book'
  24. How long can the APU be operated with doors 52 or 301 removed?
    5 minutes
  25. What are the procedures for a L/R OIL HOT caution?
    • 1. Affected engine throttle - above 74% RPM
    • 2. ENG page - identify out of limit parameter
    • - if caution removed in 20 seconds -
    • 3. continue turn, monitor OIL TEMPS
    • -if remains longer than 20 seconds-
    • 4. Throttle affected engine - OFF within 5 minutes
  26. Where is APU emergency shut down switch located?
    Nose Wheel Well
  27. What does a FADEC advisory indicate?
    L/R FADEC has lost back-up redundancy in one channel.
  28. IAW IETM what are APU pressure limits prior to performing an APU start?
    • 2500 above -15 degrees F
    • 3000 below -15 degrees F
  29. What is the danger area aroun d the intakes at ground idle?
    9 FEET
  30. During engine start throttle is advanced to idle at what minimum N2 RPM?
  31. At what outside temperature must engine anti-ice be turned on?
    • 45 degrees F
    • 7 degrees C
  32. WHAT IS N1?
    WHAT IS N2?
  33. If horizontal stabs are to be operated, what must be done to doors 68L/R?
    Top row of fasteners must be installed and the locks engaged.
  34. What must be done to AMAD's if GMM is to be performed?
    They must be Decoupled.
  35. Which AMAD must be operated and for how longto recharge APU accumulator?
    Right - 2 minutes
  36. During ECS mode, what must be done if ground power switches return to auto?
    on ECS control panel set cabin pressure switch to RAM/DUMP
  37. When starting with external air, sest output air switch to what setting?
  38. How is the brake accumulator checked for proper pressure?
    Gauge on left hand console in cockpit.
  39. What systems are operating while running an AMAD in GMM?
    • Motive flow fuel pressure
    • electrical power
    • hydraulic power
  40. Engine should light off within __ seconds as indicated by a sharp rise in ___
    • 20 seconds
    • EGT
  41. What is T1 and T2
    • T1 - exhaust temperature
    • T2 - inlet temperature

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