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  1. Positive Displacement Pumps
    positive displacement pumps has largely been replaced by the centrifugal pumps ,but are still used as priming devices to get water into centrifugal pumps during drafting operations
  2. There are two basic types of positive displacement pumps:
    Piston and rotary
  3. piston pumps
    piston pumps contain a piston that moves up and down or back and fourth inside a cylinder.

    the forward stroke causes water to  be discharged and the return stroke causes the pump to fill with water again
  4. Rotary Pumps
    most rotary type pumps in use today are either of the rotary gear or rotary vane
  5. Rotary Pumps:
    rotary gears
    consist of two gears that rotate in a tightly meshed pattern  inside a water tight case
  6. Rotary Pumps:
    rotary vane
    this is one of the most common types of pumps used to prime centrifigul pumps
  7. Centrifugal Pumps
    modern fire apparatus utilize the centrifugal pump as their major pump.

    the centrifugal pump is classified as a nonpositive displacement pump because it does not pump a definite amount of water with each revolution
  8. centrifugal pump consist of two parts:

  9. Parts of impaler :
    • eye
    • hub
    • vanes
    • shrouds
  10. Parts of casing:
    • volute
    • stripping edge
  11. Two basic types of centrifugal pumps used by the fire service:
    single - stage

    two - stage
  12. Pumping in the parallel position
    Volume position
  13. Pumping in the Series position
    Pressure position
  14. when switching from pressure to volume:
    maximum pressure will not exceed 50 psi.
  15. Power Take Off ( PTO )
    the pump is driven by a drive shaft that is connected to  the power take off on the chassis transmission
  16. Relief valves

    There are two basic concepts for pressure relief valves:
    those that relief excess pressure on the discharge side of the pump

    those that relief excess pressure on the intake side of the pump
  17. Pressure Governor
    regulated on centrifugal pumps by a mechanical or electric governor

    the main feature of a pressure governor is that it regulates the power output to match pump discharge requirements
  18. Primer devices
    primers fall into three categories:
    • positive displacement
    • exhuast
    • vacuum
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