Buddhism ANT 134

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  1. Desire: (attachment, clinging, craving)
    -"desire" refers to the futile attempt to hang on to pleasant experiences by trying to stop the natural flow of changing conditions. "desire" can range from wanting something in a store front window to falling into a state of deep addiction.
    Andidote: Learning to let it all pass by. Sitting still like a mountain. Knowing that by possessing all that we desire only leads to a moment of satisfaction and not an eternity.
  2. Aversion: (anger, hatred, depression)
    - "aversion" manifests in 2 forms: outward channel of anger, and the inward channel of fear. the outward is painful and limiting.
    Antidote: work with anger by entering the inner experience mindfully, without acting it out. anger is constantly changing and it is not as solid as it appears.
  3. Sleepiness: (sloth, sluggishness)
    sleepiness during mediation may be caused by
    -energy imbalance
    -resistance to painful experience
    -physical exhaustion
    Antidote: find the middle way between relaxation and alertness. noting the breath.
  4. Restlessness: 
    can be an overemphasis on alertness at the expense of relaxation. it can be caused by..
    -physical agitation
    -obsessive planning
    • Antidote: restlessness it transformed by happiness or comfort of the mind.
    • becoming aware of your restlessness can overcome desperation that comes with restlessness
  5. Doubt: (indecision, skepticism)
    is a hindrance when it manifests as chronic indecision
    doubt is transformed by sustained attention in the moment, because a mind filled with doubt is a mind that hovers never knowing what to do next. Sink into the present, note the breath, the attention will transform the energy.
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