Buddhism ANT 134

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  1. Mindfulness
    first factor of enlightenment. having a clear awareness of what is happening in each moment. mindfulness develops other factors of enlightenment.
  2. Effort
    second factor of enlightenment. it is the effort to be aware, and to be mindful. effort to be generous. effort to not get entangled with that which is unwholesome. with proper effort we can personally touch our hearts and open up to the third factor of enlightenment
  3. Investigation
    third factor of enlightenment. investigation of nature because there is a tendency to be complacent. investigation requires courage to ask deepest questions in life.
  4. Joy (rapture)
    fourth factor of enlightenment. learning to live with a light heart. finding lightness is essential to our opening in meditation
  5. Concentration
    known as one pointedness, arises when the mind is steadily focused on an object. gives the mind strength. concentration harmonizes the mind cultivating happiness and understanding
  6. Tranquility
    we overlook the capacity to sit and rest our minds. stillness is a great power in meditation through it we can better listen to the world and our hearts
  7. Equanimity
    the final factor. its the power of the mind to experience changes in the realm of form and feeling and mind, yet remain centered and unmoved.
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