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  1. spasmodic
    temporarily impulsive or violent; intermittent and intense convulsive
  2. specious
    apparently but not actually just, sound, correct, etc.; suspect; deceiving
  3. doleful
    sad; sorrowful; mournful
  4. flout
    to defy contemptuously; to scorn or scoff; such an act
  5. focalization
    the act or action of focusing or concentrating; to location of concentrated attention
  6. dogma
    a set of specific ideas or beliefs; a doctrine
  7. dromedary
    Arabian or one humped camel
  8. dual
    of two; having or composed of 2 parts; double; twofold
  9. ductile
    capable of being drawn thin or worked without breaking
  10. dulcet
    melodious; pleasing to the ear; soothing; pleasant
  11. duplicity
    deception; deceitfulness; double-dealing
  12. spontaneous
    unplanned; acting from a natural impulse; self-generating
  13. sporadic
    isolated in occurrence; occasional; intermittent
  14. spurious
    not genuine; counterfeit
  15. squalid
    dirty; foul; wretched; low class
  16. ebullient
    happily excited; exuberant; bubbling or boiling up
  17. ecstatic
    overwhelmingly happy; intensely delighted; rapturious
  18. edict
    an authoritative order issued publicly; a decree
  19. edification
    instruction for improvement; enlightenment; clarification
  20. staid
    very reserved; sedate; sober; grave
  21. stark
    not ornamented; bleak; plain; absolute; downright
  22. stentorian
    extremely loud
  23. precocious
    prematurely developed; matured earlier than is normal; mentally advanced beyond one's years
  24. sheen
    shine; luster; brightness
  25. resusciate
    to restore from apparent death; to bring back to consciousness; to revive
  26. scathing
    harshly critical; extremely severe; caustic
  27. deviation
    a turning away or departure from; a divergence
  28. devoid
    not containing or possessing; empty; without
  29. diaphanous
    allowing light to show through; transparent or translucent
  30. diatribe
    abusive speech; harsh denunciation
  31. didactic
  32. diffident
    lacking confidence; timid; shy
  33. reticent
    not outspoken; uncommunicative; taciturn
  34. retrac
    to draw back; to withdraw; to take back
  35. retrench
    to reduce; to curtail; to economize
  36. dilate
    to open wide; to enlarge
  37. dilatory
    causing or characterized by delay; tardy; slow
  38. dilettante
    one who is superficially interested; a dabbler; a lover of fine art without deep knowledge of it
  39. diminutive
    little; small; diminished or diminishing; a word expressing smallness, familiarity, etc.
  40. discordant
    not harmonious; jarring to the ear; harsh; not in agreement; conflicting
  41. anathema
    a person or thing greatly detested, cursed, or damned; a person excommunicated; a curse
  42. anesthetist
    a person trained to administer anesthetics
  43. retrograde
    going backwards; worsening; declining; to recede; to grow worse; to degenerate
  44. reverberations
    echoes; rebounding; vibrations
  45. revered
    regarded with reverence or deep respect
  46. animadversion
    an unfavorable remark; adverse criticism; blame
  47. animated
    given life, motion, or inspiration; full of life; active; inspired
  48. anomaly
    that which differs from what is commonly expected; a deviation from the rule; an irregularity or abnormality
  49. chronic
    continuing for a long time; recurrent
  50. antecedent
    going before; that which goes before
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