anatomy body parts

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  1. forehead
    Frons or frontal region
  2. nose
    nasus or nasal region
  3. eye
    oculus or (orbital or ocular region)
  4. ear
    Auris (otic region)
  5. cheek
    Bucca (buccal region)
  6. chest
    thoracis or thorax (thoracic region)
  7. breast
    mamma (mammary region)
  8. abdomen
    abdomen (abdominal)
  9. navel
    umbilicus (umbilical)
  10. pelvis
    pelvis (pelvic)
  11. hands
    manus (manual)
  12. groin
    Inguen (inguinal)
  13. gentials
    pubis (pubic)
  14. thigh
    femur (femoral)
  15. foot
    pes (pedal)
  16. big toe
  17. toes
    digits or phalanges (digital or phalangeal)
  18. ankle
    tarsus (tarsal)
  19. kneecap
    patella (patellar)
  20. leg
    crus (crural)
  21. fingers
    digits or phalanges (digital or phalangeal)
  22. thumb
  23. palm
    palma (palmar)
  24. wrist
    carpus (carpal)
  25. forearm
    antebrachium (antebrachial)
  26. front of elbow
    antecubitis (antecubital)
  27. arm
    brachium (brachial)
  28. armpit
    axilla (axillary)
  29. chin
    mentis (mental)
  30. mouth
    oris (oral)
  31. head
    cephalon (cephalic)
  32. skull
    cranium (cranial)
  33. face
    facies (facial)
  34. neck
    cervicis (cervical)
  35. soles of foot
    planta (plantar)
  36. heal of foot
    calcaneus (calcaneal)
  37. calf
    sura (sural)
  38. back of knee
    popliteus (popliteal)
  39. buttock
    gluteus (gluteal)
  40. small of the back (tramp stamp) loin
    lumbus (lumbar)
  41. back of the elbow
    olecranon (olecranal)
  42. back
    dorsum (dorsal)
  43. shoulder
    acromion (acromial)
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