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    • Good Morning
    • I would like to thank all of you for your time.
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    Criminal justice agenies use tons of paper, and even with the new advances in tecnology some people are still uncomfortable with the idea of digital documents.  However with a goal of implementing sustainable strategies many agencies have already started the process of converting to a digital process.  As a result they reaping greater effieciencies in document management and setting their agencies up for future cost savings in storage and disposal fees, while maintaining increased security with controlled access to critical data.
  3. STATS
    Total Boxes of Records 25,501
    Inmate Records?
    14,492 Inmate Records
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    These numbers may be a little inflated, but if we even realized half of these savings annually it would be worth the conversion.
  5. Solution
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    • I have been communicating with Docunav about using the Laserfische system. Their system has a lot of potential.
    • 1.Secure storage
    • 2.User friendly interface
    • 3.County Auditors Office is already using them
    • 4.Used widely in Public Agencies.
    • 5.Searchable content
  6. Docunav Companies
    Docunav Companies
  7. Solution Signature Pad
    1.Beginning the use of signature capture pads with a document scanning solution and can be a big step in the paperless process.

    • 2.Benefits:
    • A.Bonds will be signed more efficiently which will translate into inmates getting released quicker from are facilities
    • B.Less attorneys and runners coming into our secure facilities. Property releases are delivered in a more secure efficient way.
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  9. Existing Resources
    Inmate Records make up 57% of the 25,000 boxes currently stored at Iron Mountain.
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