Physics Quicksheets - Thermodynamics

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  1. Thermal Expansion

    Linear Expansion

    Volume Expansion
    Linear Expansion: the increase in length by most solids when heated. 

    mnemonic: "a Lot" 

    Volume Expansion: the increase in volume of fluids when heated.

  2. Heat Transfer  

    Conduction: the direct transfer of energy via molecular collisions

  3. Heat Transfer

    Convection: the transfer of heat by the physical motion of the heated material (only liquids and gases)

  4. Heat Transfer

    Radiation: the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.

  5. Specific Heat

    mnemonic: looks like MCAT

    Can only be used to find Q when the object does no change phase

    • Q>0 means heat is gained
    • Q<0 means heat is lost
  6. Heat of Transformation:
    Heat of Transformation: the quantity of heat required to change the phase of 1kg of a substance.

    Q = mL 

    (phase changes are isothermal processes)
  7. System Work

    *When the piston expands, work is done by the system (W>0)

    *When the piston compresses the gas, work is done on the system (W<0).

    *The area under a P vs V curve is the amount of work done in a system.
  8. First Law of Thermodynamics

  9. Second Law of Thermodynamics
    Second Law of Thermodynamics: in any thermodynamic process that moves from one state of equilibrium to another, the entropy of the system and environment together will either increase or remain unchanged.
  10. Elastic Properties of Solids

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