Physics Quicksheets - Magnetism

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  1. The Magnetic Field

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    Magnetic Fields are created by permanent magnets and moving charges.

    *magnetic field lines depict the direction a compass needle would point if placed in the field from the North Pole to the South Pole

    SI units = Tesla (T) = N*s/m*C

    1 T = 104 gauss
  2. Magnetic Materials:

    1. Diamagnetic
    materials made of atoms with no unpaired electrons and that have no net magnetic field.

    *weakly antimagnetic
  3. Magnetic Materials:

    2. Paramagnetic
    materials have unpaired electrons and have a net magnetic dipole, but the atoms in these materials are usually randomly oriented so that the material itself creates no magnetic field.

    *weakly magnetized in the presence of an external magnetic field.
  4. Magnetic Materials:

    3. Ferromagnetic
    materials have unpaired electrons and permanent atomic magnetic dipoles that are normally oriented randomly so that the material has no net magnetic dipole.

    *will become strongly magnetized when exposed to a magnetic field or under certain temperatures.

    • *Curie Temperature:
    •                  above = paramagnetic
    •                  below = permanently magnetized
  5. Force on a Moving Charge
    A charge moving in a magnetic field experieces a force exerted on it.
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    • q = charge (+/-)
    • v = velocity
    • B = Magnetic Field

    *the magnetic force is zero when a charge moves parallel or antiparallel to the magnetic field

    *@ sin(900): F = qvB = mv
  6. Right-Hand Rule for Finding Direction of Force
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    *Note that the right-hand Rule gives the direction of magnetic force exerted on a proton. 

    The direction of force on an electron is simply the opposite direction of the force on a proton.
  7. Force on a Current-Carrying Wire
    F = iLBsinθ

    x --> represents B fields pointing into the page.

    * --> represents B fields pointing out of the page.
  8. Center of Wire Loop - Magnetic Force
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  9. Around a Straight Wire - Magnetic Force
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  10. Right-Hand Rule for Direction of B Field produced by Current-Carrying Wires
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    *right thumb points in the direction of current flow.

    *Wrap your fingers around the wire as if you were grabbing it with your palm

    *The direction that the fingers curl is the direction of the magnetic field.
  11. Wave Superposition
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    *Waves can also be shifted with respect to one another by other fractions of a cycle, such as Image Uploadλ or 90o out of phase.
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