Physics Quicksheets - DC and AC Circuits

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  1. Direct Current

    Current: the flow of electric charge.  Current is given by:

    Image Upload 

    SI units: Amp (A) = C/s

    *The direction of current is the direction positive charge would flow, or from high to low potential.
  2. Ohm's Law and Resistance
    V = IR 

    *can be applied to entire circuit or individual resistors.
  3. Circuits - Resistance

    Opposition to the flow of charge.

    Image Upload

    *Resistance increases with increasing temperatures with most conductors)

    SI units: Ohm (Ω) = Image Upload
  4. Circuit Laws

    Kirchoff's Laws:
    1. At any junction within a circuit, the sum of current flowing into that point must equal the current leaving.

    2. The sum of voltage sources equals the sum of voltage drops around a closed circuit loop.
  5. Alternating Current:
    Image Upload

    Image Upload

    Image Upload
  6. Series Circuits

    Image Upload
    • I = Constant 
    • Reff = R1 + R2 + R3 +...
    • Veff = V1 + V2 + V3 + ...
  7. Parallel Circuits:

    Image Upload
    • V = Constant
    • Image Upload

    Ieff = I1 + I2 + I3 + ...
  8. Power Dissipated by Resistors
    Image Upload

    SI units: Watt (W) = J/s
  9. Capacitance
    the ability to store charge per unit voltage.

    It is given by: Image Upload  or  Image Upload

    ε0 = 8.85 x 10-12 C2/N*m2

    SI units: Farad (F) = Image Upload
  10. Capacitors in Parallel:

    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  11. Capacitors in Series:

    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  12. Energy Stored by Capacitors
    Image Upload

    Image Upload
  13. Battery Internal Resistance (r): PG 226
    Image Upload
  14. Dielectrics
    nonconducting material that increases capacitance.

    Cnew = kCold

    K = constant dependent on material
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