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  1. idyllic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Charmingly simple and carefree
    • SENTENCE: Happy Land is an idyllic place where children go to eat candy
    • SYNONYM: arcadian, ideal, idealized, peaceful, 
    • ANTONYM:  disagreeable, flawed
  2. dilapidated (adj)
    • DEFINITION: having fallen into a state of disrepair; broken down
    • SENTENCE: The dilapidated old building looked about ready to crumble 
    • SYNONYM: battered, beat-up, crummy, ramshackle
    • ANTONYM: rebuilt 
  3. extemporize, improvise (v)  
    • DEFINITION: To speak without notes; making it up as one goes
    • SENTENCE: Dr. King improvised a speech in front of his peers, but it turned out great.
    • SYNONYM: ad-lib, concoct, contrive 
    • ANTONYM: premeditate, to plan, to devise 
  4. myriad (n)
    • DEFINITION: A great number of something
    • SENTENCE: Cynthia met a myriad of challenges at KAA, but she found none of them insurmountable.
    • SYNONYM: countless, heaping, multiple
    • ANTONYM: limited, measurable 
  5. ungainly (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Awkward; clumsy
    • SENTENCE: Mia Thermopolis was an ungainly teenager before she became a princess. 
    • SYNONYM: graceless, klutzy, gawky
    • ANTONYM: coordinated, graceful 
  6. dilatory (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Habitually late; tardy
    • SENTENCE: Don't be dilatory on your way to class!
    • SYNONYM: delaying, laggard, sluggish
    • ANTONYM:  diligent, eager, enthusiastic
  7. vituperative (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Characterized by verbal abuse; bitter criticism
    • SENTENCE: His vituperative remarks hurt my feelings very much.
    • SYNONYM: defamatory, insulting, scolding
    • ANTONYM: laudatory
  8. discordant (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Not in harmony; incompatible; describing something that doesn't fit
    • SENTENCE: The discordant sounds coming from that room make my ears bleed. 
    • SYNONYM: cacophonous, incongruous, inharmonious
    • ANTONYM: harmonious, concordant, agreeing
  9. perfidious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Treacherous; traitorous; deceitful
    • SENTENCE: Benedict Arnold was a perfidious renegade.
    • SYNONYM: deceptive, misleading, 
    • ANTONYM: loyal
  10. supine (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Lying on one's back
    • SENTENCE: Get into a supine position and go to sleep.
    • SYNONYM: flat, horizontal, reclining
    • ANTONYM: upright
  11. indomitable, resolute (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Very determined; unwavering
    • SENTENCE: The indomitable spirit of the football players won them the game.
    • SYNONYM: adamant, bold, persistent
    • ANTONYM: cowardly, irresolute, weak
  12. moribund (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Approaching death
    • SENTENCE: The empire became a moribund remnant of its once-great self.
    • SYNONYM: doomed, expiring, mortal
    • ANTONYM: effervescent, animated, zesty 
  13. nuance (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A subtle shade of meaning or feeling; a slight degree of difference
    • SENTENCE: The nuances in Draco Malfoy's character are innumerable. 
    • SYNONYM: tinge, subtlety
    • ANTONYM: N/A
  14. flippant (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Treating serious matters with lighthearted humour or lack of respect
    • SENTENCE: Juno took a very flippant attitude towards her pregnancy.
    • SYNONYM: frivolous, offhand, pert, playful
    • ANTONYM: courteous, respectful, reverent
  15. credulous (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Easily convinced; tending to believe; GULLIBLE
    • SENTENCE: Cynthia is a pretty credulous person; you could tell her anything and she'd probably believe it.
    • SYNONYM: accepting, dupable, overthrusting
    • ANTONYM: skeptical, suspicious, untrusting
  16. florid (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Very flowery in style; excessively ornate
    • SENTENCE: "Twilight" is full of florid descriptions that are probably way too over-the-top.
    • SYNONYM: decorative, embellished, flamboyant, ornate
    • ANTONYM: inelaborate, plain, undecorated, inornate
  17. excoriate, lambaste (v)
    • DEFINITION: To express strong disapproval; condemn; DECRY
    • SENTENCE: I lambasted Abner after his underhanded move to win the game.
    • SYNONYM: assil, criticize, denounce, reprimand
    • ANTONYM: praise, uphold
  18. interloper (n)
    • DEFINITION: An intruder; a gatecrasher
    • SENTENCE: The interlopers in "Wedding Crashers" spent their spring weekends crashing weddings.
    • SYNONYM: N/A
    • ANTONYM: N/A
  19. cerebral (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Intellectual rather than emotional
    • SENTENCE: If you typically follow your head over your heart, you have a cerebral approach to problems.
    • SYNONYM: analytical, erudite, intellectual
    • ANTONYM: N/A
  20. visceral (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Instinctive or of the senses rather than rational
    • SENTENCE: If you typically follow your heart over your head, you have a visceral approach to problems.
    • SYNONYM: habitual, inborn, innate
    • ANTONYM: N/A
  21. nonplussed (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Utterly confused; completely puzzled; totally bewildered
    • SENTENCE: Cynthia looked pretty nonplussed after Max fired her; after all, why would he fire such an outstanding employee?
    • SYNONYM: baffled, confounded, muddled, stymied
    • ANTONYM: enlightened, educated
  22. flamboyant (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Acting in a very theatrical manner; showy
    • SENTENCE: Drama geeks are often notorious for their flaming flamboyant.
    • SYNONYM: baroque, bombastic, exciting
    • ANTONYM: calm, modest, restrained
  23. idiosyncrasy (n)
    • DEFINITION: A trait or mannerism unique to an individual
    • SENTENCE: One of Max's many idiosyncrasies is breaking into song spontaneously.
    • SYNONYM: oddity, quirk
    • ANTONYM: N/A
  24. censorious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Highly critical
    • SENTENCE: The censorious dean of the college couldn't stop Maxime from peeing on the statue. SYNONYM: accusatory, condemning, denouncing
    • ANTONYM: complimentary, encouraging, flattering
  25. consternation (n)
    • DEFINITION: A state of great dismay and confusion
    • SENTENCE: To my consternation, all of my plans fell apart and I was sad.
    • SYNONYM: bewilderment, panic, terror
    • ANTONYM: calm, composure, tranquility
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