ABA final II

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  1. Antecedent
    • An environmental condition or stimulus change existing or occurring prior to a behavior of interest

    1. Automaticity (of Reinforcement)

    • Refers to the fact that behavior is modified by its consequences irrespective of the person's awareness
  2. Aversive Stimulus
    • An unpleasant or noxious stimulus
  3. Behavior
    • The activity of living organisms

  4. Behavior Change Tactic
    • A technologically consistent method for changing behavior derived from one or more principles of behavior
  5. Conditioned Punisher
    • A previously neutral stimulus change that functions as a punisher because of prior pairing with one or more other punishers; sometimes called secondary or learned punisher
  6. Conditioned Reflex
    • A learned stimulus-response functional relation consisting of an antecedent stimulus and the response it elicits
  7. Conditioned Reinforcer
    • A stimulus change that functions as a reinforcer because of prior pairing with one or more other reinforcers; sometimes called secondary or learned reinforcer
  8. Conditioned Stimulus
    • The stimulus component of a conditioned reflex
  9. A formerly neutral stimulus change that elicits respondent behavior only after it has been paired with an unconditioned stimulus or another CS
  10. Consequence
    • A stimulus change that follows a behavior of interest
  11. Contingency
    • Refers to dependent and/or temporal relations between operant behavior and its controlling variables
  12. Contingent
    • Describes reinforcement (or punishment) that is delivered only after the target behavior has occurred
  13. Deprivation
    • The state of an organism with respect to how much time has elapsed since it has consumed or contacted a particular type of reinforcer

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