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  1. What are the 3 major classes of warship that existed at the inception of the Navy?
    • Ships of the line
    • Frigates
    • Sloops of war
  2. What is the oldest US Navy commissioned vessel?
    USS Constitution
  3. What date is the Navy's birthday?
    October 13, 1775
  4. Discuss the conditions that led to the formation of the US Navy.
    When the 2nd Continental Congress met on May 10,1775, the colonists were already fighting the British. Before long, it was clear that if the colonies were to survive, a Navy was necessary. Therefore, on October 13, 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress authorized the purchase of two vessels, and the US Navy was born.
  5. What was the first navy ship named after an enlisted person?
    Osmond Ingram (DD 255)
  6. When was the hand salute originated?
    The hand salute is centuries old and probably originated when men in armor raised their helmet visors so they could be identified. The tradition continues today as means of showing respect among naval warriors.
  7. When, besides colors, do all naval personnel salute the national ensign?
    • upon coming on board a ship of the Navy
    • passed by or passing the national ensign being carried, uncased,in a military formation
  8. What is the tradition of the gun salute?
    In the old days it took as long as 20 minutes to load and fire a gun, so that when a ship fired her guns in salute, thereby rendering herself temporarily powerless, it was a friendly gesture. That practice has come down through the years to be a form of honoring an individual or a nation.
  9. When is the national salute of 21 guns rendered?
    • only fired by ships and stations designated by the Secretary of the Navy.
    • Washington's birthday
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • President and heads of foreign states
  10. What is the National Flag?
    It is the flag flown to represent a national government.
  11. What is the Ensign?
    It is the flag designated by a country to be flown by it's men-of-war
  12. What is the Merchant Ensign?
    It is the flag designated by a country to be flown by it's merchant ships.
  13. What does the term "FLY" mean?
    Length of the flag
  14. What does the term "HOIST" mean?
    Width of the flag
  15. What is the Union Jack?
    It is the rectangular blue portion of the US national flag containing stars.
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