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  1. most accurate test for digeorge syndrome
  2. first step for inoperable breast tumor
    preoperative chemowh
  3. what tumor has cd 11 and 22
    hairy cell leukemia
  4. abx treatment has what effect on the wbc in meningitis
    neutrophils change to lymphocytes
  5. when is chloramphenicol used for meningitis
    if penicilin and cephalosporin allergy
  6. antibodies in celiac dz are of what
  7. best initial test for cryptococcus?
    most accurate
    • india ink stain
    • antigen testing
  8. when does a sinusitis and cough require work up
    if it lasts >10 days
  9. most specific test for antifreeze -isopropyl alcohol intoxication
    envelopes in the urine on microscopy
  10. urine sodium and fena in prerenal azotemia
    • <2%
    • <20 meq/l
  11. most common drugs to which urticarial reactions occur
    • ibuprofen
    • nsaids
    • penicillin
  12. rx for hot flashes?
    estrogen or ocp
    • estrogen + occasional progestoerone
    • no ocp bc they have too much estrogen
  13. contacts left in eyes for a few days, corneal ulceration develops, next step
    gram stain and culture and identification
  14. normal tsh, but low t3 and t4 in an icu patient
    euthyroid sick syndrome
  15. parasite with lung involvement
    ascaris lumbricoides--albendazole for all round worms
  16. screening after removing adenomas?
    3-5 years after
  17. best prognostic paramter in copd
  18. choice of anticoagulant for pe
    lmwh over unfractioned heparin
  19. when do you screen for diabetes
    in someone with htn
  20. spastic diplegia or hemiplegia is caused by hwat
    athetoid cerebral palsy
    periventricular hemorrhage

  21. afp means what cancer is there in the testis
    non seminoma
  22. tof is classicaly becoming cynatic when
    feeding or crying spells
  23. well demarcated lobar  bleed is due to what
    amyloid deposition , not subarachnoid hemorrhage
  24. short loop syndrome
    dumping syndrome
    afferent loop syndrome
    • malabsorption
    • nausea, diarrhea
    • vomiting
  25. lateral epicondylitis affects what muscle
    flexor carpi radialis brevis
  26. mcdonald cerclage vs shirodkar cerlage
    shirodkar cerlage---c section
  27. acrochordon
    skin tag
  28. how does high phosphate in tumor lysis syndomre cuase prolonged qt
    by binding up calcium and causing hypocalcemia
  29. contraindications to sildenafil
    other nitrate but not ccb
  30. fetal death <20 weeks
    >20 weeks
    • abortion
    • fetal demise
  31. rx for fetal demise
    induction of labor
  32. 2 risk factors for uti
    • low estrogen
    • sex
  33. dose related side effects of lithium?
    • gi distress
    • headache
    • tremors
    • decrease the dose
  34. when do you not anticoagulate with warfarinp
    protein c deficiency
  35. sex hormones in klinefelters
    high lh, high lsh, low testosterone
  36. rb drugs causing sideroblastic anemia
    • inh
    • pyrazinamide
    • cycloserine
  37. what happens to thyroglobulin with exogenous thyroxine
    thyroglobulin decreases
  38. dequervian synovitis and lateral epicondylitis(tennis elboq) both affect what
    • extensor pollicis brevis tendon
    • flexor carpi radialis brevis
  39. mccune albright
    • precocious puberty
    • bone lesions
    • cafe au lait
  40. how long post delivery is there a disrcharge
    6 weeks after taht if it presists--choriocardinoma or mole
  41. rx for autoimmune heptatis
  42. multiple hypodense lesions in brain of hiv person
    pml---rx is anti retro viral drugs
  43. transference
    counter transference
    unconscious feelings placed on the physician

    physicians unconcious feelings placed on the patient
  44. femoral neck fracture rx
    femoral head prosthesis
  45. first step in managing hypertensive emergency
    iv bp meds
  46. rx for hypertensive urgency
    • oral nitroprusside, labetalol, alpha methyl dopa
    • iv nitroprusside
  47. next step in management of cmv retinitis
    exam of eye to rule out retinal detachement
  48. most common cause of bloody discharge
    • intraductal carcinoma
    • galactograpphy is the test of choice bc of small size of tumor
  49. eosinophila and cavitary lesion of lung + asthma
    allergic pulmonary arpergillosis
  50. when is it clear to give flumazenil
    post anesthesia in acute situation, otherwise you dont
  51. fist step in treating arrhythmias,
    correct electrolyte abnormalities
  52. rx for uric acid stones
    potassium citreate , fluids, + nsaids
  53. managment of dysphagia with clear evidence of herpes esophagitis
    oral acyclovir
  54. tangier dz
    orange yellow tonsilles
  55. most common consequence of having placenta previa
    placenta accreta
  56. best initial test for cushings
    • 1 gram dexamethasone suppresion
    • 24 urinary cortisol
  57. benign vasvular proliferations in blacks
    • keloid
    • pyogenic granuloma
  58. needle stick transmission is the highest for
    hep b then hep c then hiv
  59. best diagnostic test for hepres keratitis and corneal abrasiaon
    flourescin test
  60. managemet of corneal abrasiona
    • topical anesthetic and examination
    • flourescin
  61. gaucher disease affects what
    • bone
    • spleen
    • liver
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