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TOEIC words and idioms
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  1. be content with...
    • 満足して
    • 安心して
  2. She bargained for over an hour, finally reducing the price by half.
    to negotiate
  3. inventory (n)
    • goods i stock
    • an itemized record(list) of these goods

    • 在庫品
    • 商品などの一覧表
  4. gauge (v) /geid3/
    to make a judgement about something (people's feelings or attitudes) 判断する、推測する

    to measure something accuately using a special instrument 測る
  5. integral (adj)
    • essential
    • indispensable

  6. component (n)
  7. sufficiently
  8. A customer called the company to dispute the no return policy.
    • argue about
    • question
    • disagree with
  9. adequate (adj) /aedikw∂t/
    enough in quantity/ good enough in quality for a particular purpose or need

    • enough
    • sufficient
    • suitable
  10. impose (v)
    • to establish or apply as compulsory
    • to force upon others

    • ~を課す
    • 強制する
    • 押し付ける
  11. 1) What prompted him to commit suicide?

    2) His proposal will prompt discussion later.
    • 1) 駆り立てる、~するよう促す
    • 2) 引き起こす、誘発する
  12. rectify (v)
    • to set right
    • to correct

  13. discrepancy
    • -a divergence
    • -a disagreement
    • -a difference b/w two or more things that should be the same.

  14. tedious
    • -boring
    • -tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness
  15. teller (n)
    • -casher
    • -a person whose job is to receive and pay out money in a bank.

    • -銀行の窓口係
    • -計算係
  16. mortgage (n) (v)
    • - a legal agreement by which a bank lend you money to buy a house, and you pay the money back over a particular number of years. 住宅ローン
    • -to borrow money with your house as collateral. 抵当に入れる
  17. outrage (v)
    • 憤慨させる
    • 怒らせる
  18. dividend (n)
  19. safe deposit box vault
  20. audit (n) (v)
    • -a formal examination of financial records 会計検査
    • -to examine the financial records of a company会計検査をする
  21. The accountant found an error when she reconciled the account.
    • to make consistent
    • 一致させる
    • 和解させる
  22. 1) We have had a low turnover of inventory this month and didn't bring in much money.

    2) Because of our high employee turnover we actually spend less money on salaries.
    • 1) the number of times a product is sold and replaced 商品の回転率
    • 2) an employee leaves and another employee is hired 労働移動率、離職率
  23. assess (v)
    • =estimate
    • -to make a judgement about the nature or quality of sb/sth.
    • -to calculate the amount or value of sth.
  24. It is a good idea to commit a certain percentage of your income to investments.
    • to consign for future use
    • 取っておく
  25. consign (v)
    • ~を引き渡す
    • 委ねる、委託する
    • 送る
  26. restrain (v)
  27. He pulled out of the company and took all of his money with him.
    • -to stop participating
    • -to move away from sth or stop being involved in it

  28. deficit (n)
    the amount by which money spent or owed is greater than money earned in a particular period of time. (↔surplus)

  29. project (v)
    • to estimate
    • to predict
  30. foyer (n)
    lobby, anteroom, waiting room
  31. vulnerable
    • weak and easily hurt (physically or emotionally)
    • 傷つきやすい

    open to...  ~を受けやすい
  32. scrutiny (n) /skru:t∂ni/
    • -careful and thorough examination 綿密な調査
    • -watch 監視
  33. opt
    • to choose
    • to decide on
  34. hamper (v)
    • to interfee
    • to prevent sb from easily doing or achieving sth

  35. impede (v)
    • pevent
    • interfere
    • hamper
    • delay

  36. board (会社での)
  37. to conform
    • to obey a rule/ law
    • to match specifications/ qualities

    • (規則など)に従う、沿う
    • (法・型などに)一致させる
    • (基準を)満たす
  38. rigorous
    strict, rigid
  39. defect (n)

    欠点 欠陥、不備
  40. flaw (n)

  41. garment (n)
  42. perceptive
    • able to see or understand
    • =keen

  43. repel (v)
    • - to drive/ push/ keep sth away
    • - to fight against

  44. shoddy
    • made or done badly and with not enough care
    • =second-rate

  45. uniformly
    • in the same way
    • consistently

  46. The young man felt ready to assume the new responsibilities of the product.
    • to take upon oneself
    • (任務・責任など)を引き受ける
  47. interrogate
    to ask sb a lot of questions over a long period of time, especially in an aggressive way. 尋問する、取り調べする

    examine, scrutinize
  48. bizarre
    • very strange or unusual
    • (=weird)
  49. reside in
    • to dwell, to live
    • (→resident)
  50. daring

  51. to arouse
  52. refinement
    elegance/ beauty/ grace

  53. fall to...
    to become one's responsibility

    [The task of preparing the meal fell to the assistant chef when the chief chef was ill.]
  54. jauty  (adj) /d3⊃:nti/
  55. freight
    goods that are transported by ships/ planes/ trains/ trucks.

  56. We settled the bill with the cashier.
    • to make compensation for
    • to pay
  57. apprentice (n)
    a student worker in a chosen field

  58. culinary (adj)
    relating to the kitchen or cooking

  59. incorporate
    • (=include)
    • to unite one thing with something else already in existence.

  60. influx (n)
    a flowing in

  61. outlet
    a way of expressing or making good use of strong feelings/ ideas/ energy.

  62. gratify
    • satisfy
    • please
  63. relinquish (v)
    • to let go
    • to surrender
    • to give up sth

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