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  1. What does TCP Stand for?
    Transmission Control Protocol
  2. What does UDP stand for?
    User datagram protocol
  3. This Protocol is "Connection-Oriented"
  4. This protocol has Error Detection Via Sequence and ACK numbers
  5. This Protocol using windowing
  6. This protocol has guranteed delivery
  7. This protocol using best-effort delivery, but no guarnatee of delivery
  8. This protocol does not support error detection.
  9. This protocol doesn't support windowing
  10. This is a connectionless protocol
  11. The " 3 way handshake" is used by this protocol.
  12. Does does the 3 way handshake work?
    •  Data Sender sends SYN
    • Data Reciever responds with Syn/ACK in return
    • Data sender responds with ACK
  13. What is Error dectection?
    Error detection is finding the error
  14. What is Error Recovery?
    Error recovery is doing something about the error
  15. TCP uses both ____ and ___  to help perform Detection & Recovery
    Sequence number & ACK number
  16. What is known about Sequence numbers?
    The sequence numbers tells the recipient in what order to reassemble the segments.
  17. After "x' amount of data has been received what will the receiver do?
    Send a segment of no data to the sender requesting the next segment. If the last segment received was 400 the receiver will send a segment with 500.
  18. The error Detection is when?
    When the receiver sends the segment that was lost.
  19. Error Recovery is when?
    The sender re-sends the packet that was lost
  20. What happens if the ACK is lost?
    When the data sender transmits segments, it sets an ACK timer. If timer expires and no ACK is received, the sender will re-transmit the segment in question.
  21. The Entire process of Error Detection / Recovery revolves around two things:
    The sender is waiting for a positive message from the recipient that the data was received.  And if the message wasn't received, the data is re transmitted
  22. The entire process of Error Dection/ Recovery is called ?
    Positive Acknowledgment with Transmission (PAR)
  23. What is TCP'S Windowing Feature?
    Windowing refers to the amount of data that sender is allowed to transmit without waiting for an ACK. Example 2400 bytes means the sender can 2400 bytes before it has to stop and wait for an ACK.
  24. Who decides the size of the window in Windowing?
    The recipient gives the  recipient some control over how much data is sent (Flow control)
  25. IF the data recipient sees that there are no errors occurring with that window size what happens?
    The recipient will increase the size of the windo
  26. The term sliding window means?
    Dynamic adjustment of the window size to prevent lost segments
  27. Who has the larger header TCP or UDP?
  28. THE TCP and UDP Headers have 3 values in common and they are?
    Source port, Destination Port, checksum
  29. The recipient will need to differentiate one data flow from another because the source & destination MAC and IP address will be same
    Port numbers  allow data to go to their own port
  30. Sending 3 differnt types of data at the same time is called ? Example TFTP, SMTP, Telnt using port numbers 
  31. What is a socket?
    The combination of a IP address & and port number 
  32. and (ip address,transport protocol, port number is an example of a?
  33. TFP, SSH Telnet SMTP are what type of Ports
    TCP Ports
  34. HTTP, POP3, SSL are what type of ports
    TCP Ports
  35. DHCP, TFTP, SNMP ports are what type of ports
  36. FTP stands for and uses what port
    File transport Protocol uses TCP 20 & 21
  37. SSH stands for and what port?
    Secure Shell and used TCP port 22
  38. Telnet uses what port 
    TCP and 23
  39. SMTP stands for and uses what port?
    Simple main transfer protocol and uses TCP port 25
  40. HTTP stands for and uses what port
    HyperText transfer protocol and TCP 80
  41. POP 3 stands for and uses what port?
    Post office protocol 3 uses TCP port 110
  42. SSL stands for and uses what port
    Secure socket layer uses TCP port 443
  43. DHCP stands for and uses what port?
    Dynamic Host Control Protocol uses UDP 67 and 68
  44. TFTP stands for and uses what port?
    Trivial File Transfer Protocol Uses UDP and port 69
  45. SNMP stands for and uses what port?
    Simple Network Management Protocol uses UDP and port 161
  46. What does DNS stand for and what ports
    Domain Name Service uses UDP & TCP port 53
  47. Port 24 is used for? 
    Both UDP and TCP for private mail systems
  48. SNMP does what?
    Network Management and monitoring programs
  49. SMTP does what?
    Used for email transport protocols 
  50. What is NNTP what does it stand for, what Port number?
    Network News Protocol uses TCP port 119. Uses by servers and users to read and post articles on newsgroups
  51. What is NTP , What does it stand for What does it do, What port number?
    Network Time protocol, Used to sync time with routers/servers to an external source for a relaible clock source NTP used UDP port 123
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