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  1. Psychiatric bible
    DSM-IV diagnostic and statistical manual
  2. mood 
    affect- moment to moment psychomotor activity- facial expressions, voice intonation
  3. hallucination
    parts of though process
  4. psychotic disorders
    gross impairments in abiliy to asess reality
  5. psychotic disorder types
    • brief psychotic
    • schizophrenia
    • schizoaffective
    • delusional
    • shared
  6. Schizophrenia
    • psychosis and inability to think logically
    • present for at least 6 months
    • positive/negative symptons( lack of motivation, withdrawl)
  7. Mood disorders
    • depression (1:2 male/female ratio)
    • 15% suicide
    • treatment blocks reabsorption of serotonin
  8. mania
    elevaed euphoric, hyper sex, aggresive
  9. Bipolar
    • manic/depressive episodes
    • 1%
  10. Bipolar treat
    lithium, valproic acid
  11. Cyclothymic disorder
    hypomanic and depressive cycle
  12. aniexty disorder
    worry that is difficult to control, sleep disturbance, motor tension, restlessness,
  13. Panic disorder
    1;2 ratio female, SSRIs, panic attacks
  14. Phobia
    treat with desensitization, flooding, or SSRIs. 9% of pop
  15. PTSD
    • Following life threatening events.¬†
    • Symptoms last for over a month.
    • Triad( trauma, avodiance, hyperbigilance)
  16. Psychiatric Disorders
    somatoform- mental characterized by physical. Not explained by medical condition.
  17. Somatoform
    Somatization, conversion, pain, hypochondria, ody dysmorhoic, malingerin, facticious
  18. somatization
    pain, mostly in women, GI
  19. Conversion
    paralysis, sensory, seizure like
  20. Pain
    significant pain by psychological factos
  21. hypochondria
    fear based on individual interpretation of signs, NOT of delusional intensity byt lasts for at least 6 months
  22. body dysmorphic
    1:1 male female
  23. Factitious
    Intentional prodution of symptoms to be sick; more commmon in men
  24. Malingering
    Intentional producion of symptoms or external incentive
  25. Eating
    • anorexia nervosa
    • bulimea
    • NOT obesity
  26. anorexia
    • 1:10 male female
    • amenorrhea
  27. bulimia
    • binge eating and purging, individual is normal or slightly overweight.
    • 1:9 male female
  28. Simpulse control disorders
    individual feels enjpymnet or satisfaction while committing acts harmful to oneself or others. NOT hallucinations or delusions
  29. klepto
  30. personality disorders
    stable pattern of unusal or infelxible traits that leads to functional impairment of distress, deviant maladaptive
  31. personality disorders affect many areas
    • ClusterA- perticular thought process
    • B- mood affect"wild"
    • C- worried, anxiety
  32. A
    paranoid or schizoid, detached, discomfort with social
  33. B
    borderline personality, narcissistic, antosocial disregard others rights
  34. C
    avoidant personality, OCD, inadequecy
  35. Substance
    Substance abuse vs dependence. Dependence involces tolerance, withdrawl or compulsve use.
  36. ADHD
    • 9:1 male female.
    • Tria d of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity,
    • onset before age 7
  37. Conduct dosorder
    aggression, 9:1 male female. Punichsment and incarceration not proven to be helpful
  38. Oppositional Defiant
    1:1, school age children, arguments, temper outbursts, vindictiveness, defiant attitudes twrds adults
  39. Psychiatric emergency
    • 5150- 72 hour
    • 5250- 14 day
    • conservatorship
    • danger to self and others
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