medical assistant review questions

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  1. when the word confidential is to be typed on a envelop it should be placed
    below the return address
  2. a direction to consider additional codes is
    see also
  3. the following protects data from loss
    backing up
  4. the following must be sent by first-class mail
    personal letters, postcards,business reply mail
  5. when money is placed in an account, which of the following documents is prepared
    deposit slip
  6. patient information that is released without patient's authorization might result in legal charge of
    invasion of privacy
  7. which letter style requires the complimentary closing and typed signature be placed in line with the left margin of the body of the letter
    full block style

    all lines are flush at the left margin. the other styles vary indentations of the margins
  8. which is not true of certified mail
    insurance coverage is available

    certified mail requires the receiver's signature as proof of delivery and receipt. any mail which first-class postage is paid can be accepted as certified mail
  9. the most important consideration when deciding how to position the computer monitor at the reception desk is
    patient confidentiality
  10. all of the following would require a current procedural terminology CPT code except
    • diarrhea: does not require a CPT code
    • mastectomy
    • otoplasty
    • hysterectomy
    • sigmoidoscopy

    CPT codes are used for reporting medical services and procedures preformed by the physician.
  11. what type of scheduling allows for the most efficient use of staff, materials and facilities
  12. indexing rule includes
    • unit 1 is the surname
    • a hyphen is disregarded
    • apostrophes are disregarded
    • names are divided into units
  13. when adding information to the medical record new notes area added
    newest to the front
  14. standard size paper and envelope for business correspondence is
    8½ x 11 no. 10 envelope
  15. an E code in the ICD-9 coding system refers to
    external causes:

    environmental events the external caused of injury, poisoning , and other adverse effects
  16. third-party participation in an office indicates the relationship among the
    physician, patient , and insurance company
  17. telephone should be answered be the ____ ring
    if possible on the first ring and always by the third ring
  18. a numeric filing system requires the use of
    an alphabetical cross-reference
  19. in double entry bookkeeping the original entry is put onto the
    daily log

    a comprehensive picture of the medical practice and its effects on the physician's net worth
  20. when preparing the appointment matrix the first action is to indicate
    times not available
  21. patient's ledger cards should be kept
    in a separate ledger file

    a record of all charges and payments for each patient and is kept in a separate file for ease of access and billing purposes
  22. the smallest piece of information that the computer can process is an

    a bit is a binary digit
  23. the record of the proceedings of a meeting is called the

    minutes contain a record of what was done at a meeting not what was said by the members
  24. a medicare claim for a deceased beneficiary may be paid directly to the physician if
    the estate is billed
  25. when a shipment of supplies is received the supplies should be checked against the
    enclosed packing slip
  26. appropriate information to include in a patient information brochure would be
    information about the scope of practice
  27. the entry , editing , manipulation , and storage of text using computer is called
    word processing
  28. ICD-9-CM codes that refer to factors that may influence the patient's health status are called

    ( V01 to V82 ) are the codes that refer to factors that influence the health status of the patient. a definite diagnosis cannot be stated but a valid reason for seeing the provider exists

    examples: well baby check-up , annual physical examination
  29. in an alphabetic file, which is filed first
    • A. R. Stephenson
    • Ann Stephenson-Bailey
    • Andrew Stephen-correct answer
  30. which coding system is not associated with medical procedures

    ICD-9-CM: international classification of disease ninth edition clinical modification: are used to code diagnosis and disease conditions

    HCPCS: health care financing administration common procedure coding system

    RVS: relative value scale

    RBRVS: resource-based RVS

    all the others are systems used to code medical procedures
  31. a new employee must complete which of the following forms
    501 form

    W-4 form: is the employee's withholdings allowance certificate

    W-3 form

    W-3 form

    FICA form
  32. the federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is
  33. open punctuation is characterized by
    absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close
  34. which type of insurance organization uses the fee-for-service concept
    preferred provider organization PPO

    care is not prepaid , the patient must pay deductibles
  35. the file folder label for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should be
    Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
  36. a fee profile is derived from
    physician charges
  37. mail that is opened accidentally should be
    resealed with tape and noted as opened in error
  38. the most common color-coding system color codes the
    patient's surname
  39. the correct way to indicate an enclosure notation is

    cap on E
  40. a major advantage of using a computer for word processing is
    extensive editing capability
  41. which of the following calls requires immediate transfer to the physician
    a young child with a high fever

    a patient with a possible medical allergy

    another physician-correct answer
  42. a master list of equipment inventory includes all of the following except the
    operating manuals
  43. which of the following requires an ICD-9-CM code

    pap smear


    irritable bowel syndrome- correct

  44. appointments should be scheduled
    in consecutive order without large gaps
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