Medical Records

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  1. What are the Three major categories of primary records?
    • Health Records (HREC)
    • Outpatient Records (OREC)
    • Inpatient Records (IREC)
  2. a file of continuous care given to aan AD member
    Health Record
  3. a file of continuious care which documents ambulatory treatment received by a person other than an AD member
    Outpatient Records
  4. a medical file which documents care provided to a patient (inpatient) assigned to a designated inpatient bed in an MTF or ship
    Inpatient Records
  5. what are the three types of secondary records?
    • Convenience Records
    • Temporary Records
    • Ancillary Records
  6. The secondary record may be retires with the annual retirement of ORECS when not activatef for how long?
    2 years
  7. What does DEERS stand for
    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
  8. What does CHCS stand for?
    Composite Health Care System
  9. What does JCAHO stand for?
    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  10. When will you prepare a HREC foler?
    Uponinitial entry of a member into the Regular or Reserve Naval Service.
  11. Where is the National Personnel Records Center located?
    St. Louis Missouri
  12. What is the DD 877?
    Request for Medical/Dental Records
  13. What is the form number for Record Jackets?
    NAVMED 6150/10-19
  14. How would you assign a pseudo SSN to a patient that does not have a SSN?
    • 800 for the first three digits
    • the year, month and day of birth for the last six digits
    • 800-YY-MMDD
    • 800-82-0606 (mine)
  15. How do you assign a pseduo SSN for two patients that are admitted with the same birth date?
    The first three digits of the SSN change to 801-899
  16. NAVMED 6150/10
    00-09 Orange
  17. NAVMED 6150/11
    10-19 Green
  18. NAVMED 6150/12
    20-29 Yellow
  19. NAVMED 6150/13
    30-39 Gray
  20. NAVMED 6150/14
    40-49 Tan
  21. NAVEMD 6150/15
    50-59 Blue
  22. NAVMED 6150/16
    60-69 White
  23. NAVMED 6150/17
    70-79 Almond
  24. NAVMED 6150/18
    80-89 Pink
  25. NAVMED 6150/19
    90-99 Red
  26. What is Family Prefix Code 01-19
    Children of Sponsor
  27. What is Family Prefix Code 30-39?
    Spouse of Sponsor
  28. What is Family Prefix Code40-44?
    Mother, Stepmother
  29. What is Family Prefix Code45-49?
    Father, Stepfather
  30. What is Family Prefix Code 50-54?
  31. What is Family Prefix Code 55-59?
  32. What is Family Prefix Code 98?
    Civilian Emergencies
  33. Who would you put under Family Prefix Code 99?
    All others not elsewhere classified.  Foreign nationals, including foreign military, etc.
  34. What are the years that you would use the color Yellow for the retirement tape?
  35. What are the years that you would use the color White for the retirement tape?
  36. What are the years that you would use the color Green for the retirement tape?
  37. What are the years that you would use the color Red for the retirement tape?
  38. What are the years that you would use the color Blue for the retirement tape?
  39. What are the years that you would use the color Black for the retirement tape?
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