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  1. Abstain
    • to voluntary refrain from something
    • Abstain (stop) from smoking.
  2. Adverse
    Undesired possible harmful
  3. Affect
    • Appearance of observable emotion
    • Pt. had a flat affect
  4. Contingent
  5. Contraindication
    A reason why it should not be done, not advisable
  6. Endogenous
    • Produced¬†within the body
    • blood sugar
  7. Exogenous
    • Produced outside the body
    • insulin shot or bp meds
  8. Exacerbate
    To make worse
  9. Insidious
    So gradual as not to be apparent for a long time
  10. Labile
    • Changing rapidly and often
    • Temperature
    • Volatile - likely to change for the worse Temperature going up and down
  11. Ominous
    • Significantly important & dangerous
    • Breathing irregular
  12. Overt
    • Obvious, easily observed
    • Vomit & diarrhea
  13. Parameter
    • A characteristic or constant factor
    • Calories a day
  14. Paroxysmal
    • Begin suddenly or abruptly
    • convulsive
  15. Patent
    • Open
    • Needle patent before injecting patient
  16. Preciptous
    • Rapid
    • uncontrolled
    • pregnant women delivery at home
  17. Prognosis
    The anticipated or expected course and outcome
  18. Transdermal
    • Crossing through the skin
    • Transdermal nicotine patch
  19. Untoward
    • Adverse or negative reaction from a medication
    • Unseemingly
  20. Volume
    • Amount of space occupied by fluid
    • Measure volume of cough medicine
  21. Progeny
  22. Precipitous
  23. Implement
    Cause  it to happen
  24. Audible
  25. Inact
  26. I am a nursing aide
  27. Aid
    • I aid the patient
    • I gave the patient a bandaid
  28. Euphemisms
    The nurse told the family, " I'm so sorry, your father has passed away"
  29. Milieu
    • Environment
    • Social environment
  30. She drove much farther than I did
    farther than
  31. The nurse helped the patient with the medication
    Direct object is : patient
  32. Phrase : Fit as a fiddle
  33. The nurse spoke to my sister and me about our mothers condition
    my sister and me
  34. The professor had a huge number of test to grade
  35. The dog wagged its tail when the food dish was filled
  36. Preposition
    • A word which describes anywhere a mouse would go.
    • Example : in, on, around, above, through, near, upon, off, since, underneath, toward, except, against, alongside, and, to , like
    • Sits before a noun
    • Its a container for butter
    • The eagle soared above the clouds
  37. Dependent clause
    • The crew could see the whale, which had surfaced only 50m behind them.
    • The crew could see the whale, ( this sentence can stand alone and its independent clause).
    • The other sentence cannot stand alone b/c it does not express a complete thought
  38. Indignant
    • Showing anger
    • Unjustly
    • Unfair
  39. Indigent
    • Poor
    • Lack the necessities of life
    • Poverty
  40. Necessarily
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