Drug: Versed

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  1. What are dosage form of Midazolam?
    • 1. Tablet
    • 2. Syrup
    • 3. Solution
  2. Therapeutic Class of Midazolam?
    Anesthetic Adjunct
  3. Pharmacological class of Midazolam?
    Benzodiazepine - Central Nervous System Depressant

    Short or Intermediate Acting
  4. What are the main uses for Midazolam?
    • To produce:
    • -Sleepiness or drowsiness
    • -Relieve anxiety before surgery or certain procedures
  5. Food that may increase the side effect of Midazolam?
    Grapefreuit - because it may increase the pharmacologic activity.
  6. Name some common Midazolam side effects?
    • -Nausea
    • -Drowsiness
    • -Vomiting
    • -Dizziness
    • -Blurred Vision
    • -Runny Nose, Sneezing
    • -Amnesia or forgetfulness after procedure.
  7. What are the respiratory effects of Midazolam?
    • -Cardiorespiratory depression
    • -Apnea
    • -Respiratory Arrest

    • *All are extension of the drugs pharmacological activity.
    • **(Note: Another study has reported that midazolam causes a decrease in tidal volume, an increase in breathing frequency and no change in minute ventilation in healthy volunteers. That study, however, did report a significant increase in CO2 retention following midazolam administration.)
  8. Cardiovascular effect of Midazolam?
    • Reported:
    • -Alteration in blood pressure
    • -Arrythmias
    • -Ventricular Irritability

    • Reported most frequently:
    • -Hypotension
    • -Decrease in systemic vascular resistance
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