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  1. plan
    b b --->
  2. prepare
    b b ---> b b ----> b b
  3. organize
    b b ---> circle loops as move over
  4. suspect, suspicious
    1 finger or 2 at eye
  5. witness
    1 finger at eye pull down
  6. Rochester
    R 7
  7. cruise
    half boat, half ship
  8. ship
    boat with BH 3's
  9. go steady, go together
    with ^^ x2
  10. hockey
    RH <--x--> on LH palm up
  11. hurt
    apple "x" on chin
  12. incompetent, inept
    RH tb in LH "s" RH twist to palm front
  13. deplete
    RH > on LH palm up (like ross shh)
  14. next month
    month moves out
  15. last month
    month + before
  16. "this" week, month, year
    point down or now
  17. damp
  18. moist
  19. humid
    wet (multiple times)
  20. dirt
    land -ground part!
  21. gone
    LH C RH pull through down
  22. discard, throw away
    S--> U
  23. impress
  24. emphasis
  25. get along
    bent 5's ^ ^
  26. thunder
  27. lightening
    LH index RH index from LH move down light lightening
  28. flood
    water + b b move up (can wiggle)
  29. waterfall
    water + BH show waterfall front OR LH palm down RH show waterfalling over it
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