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  1. rx for 1st episode of depression
    6-8 months
  2. when do you offer a c section for a macrosomic baby
    if the weight > 5,000 grams
  3. dissosiative amneisa
    amnesia to events that occurs with nightmares included
  4. best initial test for interstitial lung disease
    most accurate
    • chest x ray
    • ct scan
  5. rx for organophosphate poisoning
    • atropine
    • pam
  6. rosette test and when should be done
    • test for mixing of maternal blood with rh antigen
    • if + do the ¬†kleihauer-betke stain to quantify how much rhogam should be given
  7. best initial rx for ankylosing spondylitis
  8. most sensitive test for bone mets
    bone scan
  9. rx for symptomatic heart murmurs
    • medical therapy
    • mitral regurg--digoxin, loop and aceI
  10. rx for fibroids to preserve fertility
  11. how are arms and legs in complete breech
    completely flexed all limbs
  12. post mi,bradycardia and hypotension
    av block, rv infarct, tamponade, rupute of septum, papillary tendons all have tachy
  13. most common presentation of hocm
  14. risk of cvs
    limb defects
  15. whats an esophageal lead
    leads looking at the posterior of the heart
  16. rx for uncomplicated uti in men and women
    • men--7 day tmp smx
    • women--3 day tmp smx
  17. what phosphate binder is not used
  18. when is dialysis for lithium started
    when lithium >2
  19. initial rx for carpal tunnel
    wrist splints and nsaids
  20. two tests for cardogenic syncopy
    • echo
    • holter monitor
  21. when is transesophageal echo prefered for the heart
    in afib
  22. type 1 or 2 has meningocele, syringomeyliamos
  23. most imporrtnt prognostic factor for viral hepatitis
  24. management of a pregnancy where the previous pregnancy had 21 hydroxylase
    • give steroids at week 6 untill you find out the sex
    • if the baby is female continue to give steroids
    • if baby is male stop the steroids
  25. when do you prophylactically treat for tb in someone whose ppd <5 mm
    if the kid <5 yo and theyve been exposed to a person with active tb
  26. rx for allergic rhinitis
    refractory to 1st line rx
    intranasal steroids

    oral steroids
  27. 1st line rx for allergic rhinitis
    • intranasal steroids
    • oral loratadine
    • nasal pseudoephedrine
  28. what kind of vaccine should an asthma patient get
    • influenza
    • pneumococcal
  29. rx for hypercalcemia
    iv fluids + furosemide if needed

    • bisphosphanaes
    • calcitonin
  30. rx for kid with hus?
    adult with hus?
    • dialysis
    • plasmapharesis
  31. what vitamin is contraindicated in pregnancy
    vitamin a
  32. when do you inplant defibrillator for hocm
    • fh of hocm
    • syncopy
    • ventricular tachycardia
    • lvh
    • bp changes with exercise
  33. juvenile ra with what indicates good prognosis
    juvenile ra with + ana
  34. cataract in a new born
    • rubella
    • galactossemia
  35. contrast allergy is what type of hypersensitivity
    none, it is direct mast cell granulation
  36. paue the orange occurs with what breast ca
    inflammatory carcinoma
  37. most feared consequence of juvenile ra?
    uveitis and blindenss
  38. best initial test for sbo
  39. most common complication of very low birth weight
    interventricular hemorrhage
  40. aortic valve replacement
    • severe symptoms
    • area <1
    • ef<50%
    • cabg
  41. scleroderma causes dysmotility of what part of the gi tract
    can be all of it---causing bacterial overgrowth
  42. indication for thoracotomy in hemothorax
    • large volume of fluid suctioned off
    • uncontrollable bleeding
  43. animal from which tulaermia can be gotten
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