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  1. remiss
    negligent;; careless
  2. incarcerate
    to imprison; to confine
  3. receded
    moved back or downward; become more distant; faded away; withdrew
  4. reciprocal
    done or given responsively or in return; affecting both parties; mutual; a counterpart
  5. imperturbable
    incapable of being upset or disturbed; calm; serene
  6. confound
    to confuse; bewilder or amaze
  7. congruent
    corresponding; matching; coinciding
  8. entail
    to involve necesssarily; to require as a part of
  9. enthralled
    fascinated; enchanted; captivated
  10. recluse
    one who lives sut off from others; a hermit
  11. recreant
    unfaithful; disloyal; cowardly; one who exhibits these qualities
  12. rectitude
    unwavering honesty and right behavior; moral soundness; integrity
  13. redundant
    unnecessary to meaning; already stated; repetitive; excessive
  14. redolent
    full of pleasant odor; smelling of; suggestive of
  15. impeprvious
    completely resistant to penetration; unaffeccted; unreceptive; immune
  16. sullies
    tarnishes; defiles or stains
  17. sumptuous
    luxurious; lavish; magnificent
  18. supercilioius
    haughty; contemptuous; arrogant; disdainful
  19. impetus
    a moving or stimulating force; a stimulus to action; motivation
  20. impinge
    to infringe or encroach upon
  21. enunciation
    clear pronunciation; articulation; a declaration
  22. ephemeral
    lasting only a short time; short lived; transitory
  23. impious
    without piety; irreverant; blasphemous
  24. incessant
    continuing with no interruption; never ceasing; continuous
  25. incipience
    beginning; first stage; inception
  26. incontrovertible
    incapable of being disputed; not debatable; undeniable
  27. indigenous
  28. incredulity
    unwillingness to believe; disbelief; skepticism
  29. swirl
    to move in circular, whirling, or writhing manner; a twist, curl, whirl, or eddy
  30. conjugal
    pertaining to marriage relationships; connubial
  31. connived
    cooperated secretly; plotted; schemed
  32. warder
    a prison official; a keeper or guard
  33. connoisseur
    expert in distinguishing and judging values, esp in fine arts, fine foods, wine, etc.
  34. connote
    to suggest; to imply
  35. consanguinity
    blood relationship
  36. consript
    to compel or force into service; drafted or compelled to serve; one so compelled
  37. biennial
    occurring every 2 years; lasting 2 years
  38. bimetallism
    a monetary standard based on fixed related values of 2 metals, usually gold and silver
  39. mercenary
    influenced by desire for money; acting only for pay; greedy; one who is hired
  40. prototype
    the first of its kind; original model to which others must conform
  41. protract
    to draw out; to prolong; to extend
  42. mercurial
    lively; quick; changeable; voltile; fickle
  43. metamorphosis
    change in structure or form; transformation of characteristics, circumstances, etc.
  44. metaphor
    figure of speech calling one thing something else likes to imply likeness (without using "like, "as", etc.)
  45. metaphysical
    pertaining to speculation about ultimate reality; beyond the physical world and traditional sciences; extremely abstract or subtle
  46. blanch
    to turn or become pale; to make white; to bleach; to scald edibles
  47. blatant
    obvious; conspicuous; offensively loud
  48. mandatory
    obligatory; authoritatively required
  49. lugubrious
    excessively dismal; mournful
  50. luminous
    giving forth light; bright; shining; easily understood
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