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  1. This component of the Global Information Grid consists of those items that are necessary to directly connect the war fighter to the global network
    Warrior Component
  2. This characteristic off the Global Information Grid ensures seamless transmission of information between different service branches
    Common Policy and Standards
  3. Who bears the responsibility for maintenance of the sustaining base portion of the Defense Information System Network?
    The service that owns the installation
  4. Which segment of the Defense Information system Network (DISN) may be a person in the deployed Area of Responsibility or a person sitting in a fixed location thousands of miles from combat?
    Sustaining base
  5. What is the difference between a hub router and a premise router?
    Interconnected via the DISA Asynchronous Transfer Mode network
  6. How are non-internet protocols sent across the SIPRNET?
    Encapsulated by the internet protocol before being transmitted across the SIPRNET
  7. Which is an internet protocol encryption device that can be directly connected to Red local area networks?
  8. What provides conduit for Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System data transmission from one location to another?
    DISN backbone
  9. What concerns slowed the military's adoption of wireless network technology?
    security and reliability
  10. What is the first step in merging voice, data and video networks into one integrated network within the Air Force?
    Integrating traditional TDM switches with voice over IP systems
  11. Besides limiting connections to the GIG, what other Combat Information Transport systems initiative will help increase network security?
    Eliminating the MAJCOM NOSC concept and integrating the functions into two Integrated NOSCs
  12. Which organization is responsible for the design, acquisition, and single systems management of the Defense Switched Network?
  13. how is responsiveness provided in the DSN?
    The DSN offers precedence access thresholding
  14. What type of DSN precedence call cannot be preemted?
    Flash Override
  15. What is the Max asynchronous data rate for the DRSN?
    19.2 Kbps
  16. While you are using the Red Switch, what feature lets you know that you have dialed the correct number at the proper level of seccurity?
    Liquid crystal display
  17. What is the purpose of the standardized tactical entry point terminal?
    to provide a foxhole to National Command Authority link for commanders
  18. The Global Positioning System program is responsible for maintaining GPS time to within how many seconds of universal time code?
    1 microsecond
  19. Which security program is covered under AFI 10-701?
  20. Which of the following security programs is defined as a process of identifying critical information and subsequently analyzing friendly actions attendant to military operations and other activities?
  21. Providing a list of where and why the information will be disclosed outside the DOD best describes which mandatory item of a Privacy Act Statement?
    Routine Use
  22. What form is used as a cover sheet jto protect Privacy Act material?
    AF Form 3227
  23. Guidance for posting information on AF web sites is outlined in
    AFI 33-129
  24. Official guidance on individual security clearances and permitting access to classified information can be found in
    AFI 31-501
  25. Disclosure of information that would result in the loss, misuse, modification or unauthorized access that might adversely affect national security would best be described as
    sensitive but unclassified
  26. What is the COMSEC program designed to do?
    Detect and correct procedural weaknesses that could expose critical information
  27. What reference would you use for guidance on AF messaging?
    AFI 33-119
  28. Which form is used with a transfer report to accompany a COMSEC package
    SF 153
  29. Which form is used as a visitor register log to record visitors into restricted areas?
    AF Form 1109
  30. An uninvestigated or unevaluated occurrence that potentially jeopardizes the security of COMSEC material or the secure teransmission of government information is best decribed as a COMSEC
  31. Which organization assigns communication security incident  report case numbers?
    AF Communications Agency
  32. Final reports of a communication security incident are due
    30 days after the initial report is issued
  33. The AF INformation Assurance Program is detailed in
    AFI 33-200
  34. Which applied discipline applies measures and controls to protect data in computer systems against unauthorized, disclosure, modification, or destruction?
  35. What best describes an unintended signal or noise appearing external to a piece of communications equipment?
  36. An unclassified term referring to technical investigations for compromising emanations from electrically operated data processing equipment is known as...
    Telecommunications Electronic Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions
  37. Which condition exists when there is no apparent terrorist activity against computer networks?
  38. Which condition requires the mandate of increased monitoring of all network system activities when an increased risk of attack is present?
  39. When a risk of a network system attack has been identified, which condition requires all unclassified dial-up connections to be disconnected?
  40. Which condition permits non-essential networks to be taken offline and substituted with alternate methods of communication?
  41. At which NETOPS level is responsibility for the worldwide management and operational oversight of the defense information infrastructure globally managed?
    Tier 1
  42. At what level do regional operation centers perform Network Operations (NETOPS) to ensure operational and administrative control by implementing Systems and Network Management Information Assurance/Network Defense (IA/NetD), and Information Dissemination Management?
    Tier 2
  43. An accreditation decision which allows a system to operate in an environment for which it was originally intended is known as...
    a full accreditation
  44. Which resources designated priority when the level of security requires a significant degree of deterrence against hostile acts?
  45. Which resources designated priority is provided when the level of security requires a reasonable degree of deterrence against hostile acts?
  46. Which form would you use to properly label removable storage media containing "confidential" information?
    SF 708
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