Social Studies Final

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  1. Name fo offical Soviet propaganda
    Social isistreism
  2. Nazi program to brainwash kids
    Hitler youth
  3. Not beleiving in God
  4. Symbol of Nazi Germany
  5. Laws made in 1935 to limit Jewish rights
    Nuremberg Laws
  6. Misleading Advertisiing
  7. Italian Fascist leader
  8. Wealthy Russin Farming
  9. Threat to Satalin who he as killed
  10. Creation of large goverment farms
  11. Orginal Communistleader of Russia
  12. Mad Monk who aided in the Czar's fall
  13. Week Republic replaced by Hitler
  14. Germany's srcret police
  15. Elimination of threats to Stalin
  16. 1st Estate
    comprised the entire clergy, traditionally divided into "higher" and "lower" clergy
  17. Second Estate
    Was the French nobility and Royal
  18. Third Estate
    was the generality of people which were not part of the other estates
  19. Bourgeoisie
    a range of groups across history
  20. Estate General
    was the first meeting since 1614 of the French Estates-General
  21. Louis XIV
    • known as the Sun King, was King
    • of France and of Navarre.
  22. Tennis Court Oath

    was a pivotal event during the first days of the French Revolution.
  23. Bastille Day
    • the French national holiday which is celebrated on 14 July
    • each year
  24. Nationalsm
    • involves a strong identification of society and the state. Often, it is the
    • belief that an ethnic group has a right to statehood
  25. Napoleon Bonaparte
    • was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as
    • Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early
    • 19th century.
  26. Continental System
    • was the foreign policy
    • of Napoleon I of France in his struggle
    • against the United Kingdom of Great
    • Britain and Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars. It was a large-scale embargo
    • against British trade, inaugurated on November 21, 1806. This embargo ended in
    • 1814 after Napoleon's first abdication.
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