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  1. ambivalent 
    • DEFINITION: contradictory, having mixed feelings
    • SENTENCE: The new Hogwarts first-year was ambivalent about whether she enjoyed potions or transfiguration more.
    • SYNONYMS: uncertain, unsure, wavering
    • ANTONYMS: resolute, definite, clear
    • contradictory, having mixed feelings
  2. anomaly
    • DEFINITION: deviation from the norm, something that is atypical (not normal)
    • SENTENCE: Mr. Dursley noticed several strange anomalies, like a cat reading a map, on Privet Drive.
    • SYNONYMS: odditiy, deviation, inconsistency
    • ANTONYMS: normality, conformity, sameness¬†
  3. sarcastic and sardonic
    • DEFINITION: mocking, derisive, taunting, stinging
    • SENTENCE: A witty writer once wrote the sardonic statements: "Sir, you are a drunk." "Well, Madame, you are ugly. In the morning I shall be sober, and you will still be ugly."
    • SYNONYMS: acerbic, biting, smart-alecky
    • ANTONYMS: complimentary, respectful, pleasant
  4. dearth and paucity
    • DEFINITION: a scarcity or shortage of something
    • SENTENCE: A study by USA Today revealed that college football teams have a dearth of minority coaches: just 9 of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision universities have minority coaches. There is also a paucity of minority coordinators: the investigation found that just 39 of the 261 coordinators are minorities.
    • SYNONYMS: insufficiency, lacking, deficiency
    • ANTONYMS: abundance, excess, plenty
  5. prattle
    • DEFINITION: to speak in a foolish manner; to babble incessantly
    • SENTENCE: The crazy man prattled on and on about the merits of buying canned corn versus fresh corn in the supermarket.
    • SYNONYMS: chatter, mutter, jabber
    • ANTONYMS: articulate, eloquent
  6. wry
    • DEFINITION: dry, humorous with a clever twist and a touch of irony
    • SENTENCE: Alyssa's wry sense of humor made her esoteric to most but highly entertaining to the highly intellectual.
    • SYNONYMS: witty, droll, amusing
    • ANTONYMS: formal, grave, serious
  7. unconventional and unorthodox
    • DEFINITION: not ordinary or typical; avoiding customary conventions and behaviors
    • SENTENCE: It was highly unconventional for the KAA students to dislike the Socratic Summer Academy camp.
    • SYNONYMS: different, eccentric, nonconformist
    • ANTONYMS: traditional, conformist, conventional
  8. painstaking and meticulous
    • DEFINITION: extremely careful; very exacting
    • SENTENCE: After the destructive incident, experts meticulously gathered each broken fragment and painstakingly restored Michelangelo's Pieta.
    • SYNONYMS: thorough, exacting, conscientious
    • ANTONYMS: careless, cursory, sloppy
  9. audacious
    • DEFINITION: fearlessly, often recklessly daring; very bold
    • SENTENCE: Both Japan and the United States launched audacious surprise attacks on unsuspecting adversaries: Japan with Pearl Harbor and the USA with the Christmas Day attack in 1776.
    • SYNONYMS: brave, courageous, valiant
    • ANTONYMS: meek, timid, docile
  10. indifferent and apathetic
    • DEFINITION: marked by a lack of interest or concern
    • SENTENCE: The apathetic bird does not get the worm.
    • SYNONYMS: unconcerned, neutral, blase
    • ANTONYMS: opinionated, concerned, biased
  11. diffident
    • DEFINITION: lacking self-confidence; self-effacing; not assertive-
    • SENTENCE: Peter Parker was originally very diffident, but he was able to overcome his diffidence to become Spider-Man.
    • SYNONYMS: shy, bashful, reserved
    • ANTONYMS: outspoken, outgoing, confident
  12. pragmatic
    • DEFINITION: practical; sensible; not idealistic or romantic
    • SENTENCE: Protestant King Henry IV made a pragmatic decision to resolve a crisis by choosing to become Catholic for his Catholic-dominated country.
    • SYNONYMS: realistic, utilitarian, efficient
    • ANTONYMS: idealistic, impractical, insensible
  13. evocation
    • DEFINITION: an imaginative re-creation
    • SENTENCE: The treasures of Pharaoh Tutankhamen are evocations of the power and splendor of Ancient Egypt.
  14. presumptuous
    • DEFINITION: overbearing; impertinently bold; characterized by brashly overstepping one's place
    • SENTENCE: When Max started being presumptuous about his knowledge of how to run camps, Alyssa smacked him.
    • SYNONYMS: arrogant, pompus, smug
    • ANTONYMS: humble, modest, submissive
  15. recalcitrant
    • DEFINITION: stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance; obstinate; obdurate
    • SENTENCE: In Amy Winehouse's song "Rehab", her friends and family all beg her to go to rehab, but she is recalcitrant and declares, "No, no, no."
    • SYNONYMS: rebellious, obstinate, resistant
    • ANTONYMS: passive, obedient, agreeable
  16. boon
    • DEFINITION: a timely benefit; blessing
    • SENTENCE: Harry Potter's late enrollment in Slughorn's potion class turned out to be a boon when Slughorn offered him a tattered potions book with all the answers in it.
    • SYNONYMS: advantage, perk, benefit
    • ANTONYMS: handicap, harm, hinderance
  17. bane
    • DEFINITION: a source of harm and ruin
    • SENTENCE: Professor Snape is the bane of Harry Potter's existence.
    • SYNONYMS: nuisance, torment, curse
    • ANTONYMS: boon, fortune, blessing
  18. clandestine and surreptitious
    • DEFINITION: secret; covert; not open; not aboveboard
    • SENTENCE: Dumbledore's Army was a clandestine group that conducted surreptitious activity, secretly teaching students how to defend themselves.
    • SYNONYMS: concealed, hidden, stealthy
    • ANTONYMS: overt, forthwright, direct
  19. "affable, amiable, genial, gregarious"
    • DEFINITION: agreeable; marked by a pleasing personality; warm and friendly
    • SENTENCE: The minions are mischevious but gregarious little creatures.
    • SYNONYMS: amenable, sociable, charming
    • ANTONYMS: disagreeable, hostile, irritable
  20. confounded
    • DEFINITION: puzzled; confused; bewildered; very perplexed; mystified
    • SENTENCE: In "The Hangover," three confounded friends try to find their missing friend Doug after a crazy night in Las Vegas.
    • SYNONYMS: befuddled, baffled, dazed
    • ANTONYMS: certain, cognizant, sure
  21. prodigious
    • DEFINITION: huge; massive; enormous
    • SENTENCE: The genie turned himself into a prodigious elephant so that Aladdin could parade through the streets.
    • SYNONYMS: gigantic, collossal, monumental
    • ANTONYMS: tiny, small, little
  22. ambiguous
    • DEFINITION: unclear; uncertain; open to more than one definition; not definitive
    • SENTENCE: The ambigious nature of romance makes dating very confusing sometimes.
    • SYNONYMS: vague, cloudy, questionable
    • ANTONYMS: clear, definite, explicit
  23. reproach
    • DEFINITION: to express disapproval; scold; rebuke; censure
    • SENTENCE: The young boy was reproached for setting ants on fire with a magnifying glass.
    • SYNONYMS: admonish, scorn, denounce
    • ANTONYMS: praise, compliment, laud
  24. nostalgia
    • a sentimental longing for the past
    • DEFINITION: a sentimental longing for the past
    • SENTENCE: Whenever kids born in the 1990's experience nostalgia, they turn to Pokemon, boy bands, and fruit gushers.
    • SYNONYMS: fond memories, reminiscence, sentimentality
    • ANTONYMS: hating the past, modern, avant-garde
  25. conjecture
    • DEFINITION: an inference based upon guesswork; a supposition
    • SENTENCE: Scientists have offered a number of conjectures to explain why the Age of Dinosaurs came to an abrupt end.
    • SYNONYMS: guess, hypothesize, theorize
    • ANTONYMS: hard evidence, scientific fact, empirical
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