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  1. I grew up in the age of technology.

  2. It has always been in my life.

  3. When I misplace my phone, I actually freak out a little bit.

  4. I understand how my students feel when we try to take away their technology.

  5. There are tons of things out there for us to
    explore and utilize.
  6. But I know that I get overwhelmed with all the options.
  7. And I grew up with all of this futuristic stuff!
  8. So I can only imagine you may feel the same way, too.
  9. We are moving from old to NEW.
  10. Someone once said “the only constant in education is CHANGE.”
  11. They were right.
  12. The world seems to be constantly plugged in.
  13. Students will continue to use social media to communicate.
  14. And I will continue to learn with them.
  15. I am slightly addicted to Facebook and Twitter.
  16. I am definitely loving Celly!
  17. I plan to more effectively incorporate Edmodo in the classroom.
  18. I will keep updating my Weebly page.
  19. I will continue to use Wordle and Tagxedo to generate word clouds.
  20. My kids love using Animoto for projects.
  21. They share information with their peers using Prezi, Glogster, SlideRocket, WallWisher, BeeClip, or whatever else they’d like.
  22. Does it seem like I’m already using a lot of tech tools?
  23. I feel like I'm not.
  24. I try to only choose 1 or 2 new things to learn each year.
  25. After all, teaching is a marathon, not a sprint.
  26. It is really hard with all the choices out there.
  27. But technology is only effective when it fits your teaching style.
  28. Don't try to change who you are to conform to some mold of someone you're not.
  29. I am an amazing teacher.
  30. You are, too.

  31. We have the power to change the lives of our students.
  32. And I think that is pretty awesome.
  33. Technology or no technology.

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