Opinion and Participation

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  1. public opinion
    aggregate(group) of preferences & opinions of indvs. on significant issues
  2. survey research
    gathering of info. about public opinion by questioning a representative sample of the population
  3. halo effect
    tendency of survey respondents to provide socially acceptable answers to questions
  4. salient issues
    issues about which most ppl. have an opinion
  5. socialization
    learning of a culture and its values
  6. diffuse support
    goodwill toward govt. authority learned early in life
  7. generation gap
    differences in politics & public opinion among age groups
  8. gender gap
    difference in opinion btwn men and women
  9. suffrage
    legal right to vote
  10. property qualifications
    early Am. state requirement of property ownership in order to vote
  11. white primary
    Democratic party primary elections in many southern counties that excluded black ppl. from voting
  12. poll tax
    tax imposed as a prerequisite for voting
  13. 19th amendment
    1920 - guarantees women right to vote
  14. 26th amendment
    1971 - guarantees 18 yr old right to vote
  15. Motor Voter Act
    federal mandate that states offers voter registration at driver's licensing & welfare offices
  16. turnout
    # of voters who actually cast ballots in an election
  17. registration
    requirement that prospective voters establish their identity and place of residence prior to an election order to be elegible to vote
  18. political alienation
    belief that politics are irrelevant to one's life & that one cannot personally affect public affairs
  19. protest
    public marches or demonstrations designed to call attention to an issue & motivate others to apply pressure onĀ  public affairs
  20. civil disobedience
    form of public protest involving the breaking of laws believed to be unjust
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