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  1. 1. What would gtts on a prescription mean?
  2. ROM stands for
    Range Of Motion
  3. TRP BP
    Temperature, pulse, and respiration; blood pressure
  4. Every Night
  5. Potassium
  6. Papanicolaou smear
  7. microgram
  8. water
  9. Incision & Drainage
  10. Carcinoma
  11. Hemeglobin Blood Test
  12. Urinalysis
  13. White Blood Cell or White Blood Count
  14. Stat
  15. NPO
    Nothing By Mouth
  16. IM, SQ, IV are all tyoes of
    injections/ immunization
  17. AC
    air conduction; anticoagulant
  18. Oxygen
    O, O2
  19. What is an example of when a patient would give up their right of confidentiality
    suing a physician
  20. what is done according to OSHA when an enmployee sustains an eye injury suh as a burn or a chemical accident?
    confidental medical examination and documentation. OSHA guidelines must be on-site,readily available, and followed exactly
  21. how often must an employee who may be exposed to hazardous or infectious materials on the job is given free information and training during woring hours
    At time of initial assignment and whenever a new hazard is introduced into the work area
  22. what is the appropiate way for a patient to donate organs upon death
    request to be an organ donor, and the medical practice staff should advise the proper authorities
  23. when a physician reports a case of AIDS to the state that is called?
    reportable disease/incidenses
  24. Living Will
    document whereby an individual expresses in advance his or her wishes regardin the use of life-sustaning treatment in the event the patient is incpable of making decisions
  25. Medical Ethics
    the priciples of right and wrong that guide an individual in making decisions
  26. Res ispa loquitur
    "The Thing Speaks for Itself" refers to casews where the doctor's treatment was so far eblow the appropiate standard of care thta neglegence is assumed
  27. malpractice
    professional wrongdoing that results in injury or damage
  28. respondent superior
    "let the master answer" which means that the employer is responsible for the actions of his or her employees, thus the physician is held legally encountable for the actions of any and all employees working in the medical feld
  29. malpractice law
    this practice are deals with legal claims against medical care professionals when the care they provide lack therefore, leads to damage, injury, or harm and/or loss ot their patient
  30. arbitration
    a process in which opposing sides choose a person outside the court system often someone with speacial knowledge in the field, to hear a decide a dispute
  31. durable power of attorney
    legal instrument enabiling an individual to act on another persons behalf. in helathcare, it gives authority to make a medical decision for another
  32. another name for terminating care of a patient
  33. what is a rule of conduct established and enforced by an authority or governing body, such as the federal government
  34. what was the first type of insurance to be offered?
    disability insurance in 1964, only covered medical expenses arising from injuries that could lead to a disability of a patient
  35. a device used to transfer information from one computer to another or a telephone line is a
  36. another name for a personal computer
  37. personal computers are frequently found in a
  38. mainframe computers are frequently used in
    network settings
  39. the three basic types of computers are mainframe, personal, and _______
  40. what is one advantage of using computers
    can store large amouts of information in a small space
  41. together dictation and transcription mean
    to transform spoken words into written form
  42. Another word for dictation
  43. another word for transcription
  44. a transcriptiopnist may be asked to transcribe reciorded words into written text using
    dictation-transcription equipment
  45. adding machines differ form calculator in that adding machines
    produce paper tape
  46. what type of paper do most models of fax machines use?
    plain paper fax
  47. a small electronic device that gives a signal to indicate that someone is trying to reach them 
    a pager
  48. voicemail is often used in conjuction with a
    automated menu
  49. faxes can be recieved ____ a day
    24 hours
  50. a way to send documents rapidly to locations outside the office is by
    fax machine / email
  51. a benefit of a voice mail system is
    callers never recive a busy signal
  52. one of the most important peices of communication equipment in a medical practice is the
  53. a susbstance produced by the stomach necessary for the digestion of food is called
    hydrochloric acid
  54. cellular elements in the blood which are impotant in coagulation are
    • Paltelet (choose if only on test )
    • Fibrin
  55. tissies are composed of
    groups of cells that have a similar function in the body
  56. the urinary system is composed of
    • Two kidenys
    • Two ureters
    • One bladder
    • One urethra
  57. posterior is
    toward the back, back side of the body; dorsal
  58. coronary circulation is the medical term describing circulation of the blood through
    the heart
  59. the lithotomy position is used when a patient is having
    vaginal examinations, pape smear, vagional ooperations , and diagnosis and treatment of the bladder or urethra
  60. sublingual glands are located
    below the tongue
  61. the spleen is located
    upper left quadrant of the abdomen
  62. what has the least amount of pressure arteries, capilaries, or veins?
  63. the basic structural unit of the body is the
  64. a group of similar tissues make up a
  65. the body's acid balance changes when the body does not eliminate
    carbone dioxide; CO2
  66. the accesory organ of the digestve system that stores and concentrates bile
  67. one of the functions of the sudoriferous gland is to
    secrete sweat to cool down the body and eliminate waste
  68. the function of the acoustic nerve
    is to enable you to hear
  69. the longest, strongest bone of the skeleton is
    femur; thigh 
  70. the guidelines for using the index of the CPT book tells you to begin with _____ first
    CPT index
  71. there are two types of CPT codes one is add-on and the other is
    stand-alone codes
  72. basic CPT codes use how many digits
  73. name the government sponsored insurance plans
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
  74. CPT stands for
    Current Procedural Terminology
  75. a code that is used to describe the main reason for the patient's visit in cases where the patient is not sick is called a ____ code
    V code
  76. the assigning of multiple CPT codes when one CPT would fully describe the service or procedure is called
    bundling/ bundled code
  77. procedures that are considered unusual, experimental, or new and do not have a specific code number assigned; unlisted procedure cpde are located at the end of the subsection and can be used to identify any new procedure that lacks a code is ?
    unlisted procedures
  78. an EOB is
    Explanation of Benefits; notification sent to the physician about the claim, either it is sent to the physician if they accept assignment ot to the patient. it states the status of a claim
  79. what services are covered by Medicare Part B
    Physician services in both hospital and non-hospital settings
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