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  1. rx for stable ectopic pregnancy
    mtx---check hcg if still high---2nd dose of mtx--if hcg still high---> surgery
  2. rx for chorioamnitis in term pregnancy
    antibiotics and vaginal delivery
  3. rx for mitral stenosis without symptoms
    yearly follow up
  4. how is good glycemic control defined
    • history of dka
    • present signs and symptoms
    • glucose readings
    • Hb1AC
  5. adenosine deaminase levels in transient erythroblastenia of childhood vs blackfan anemia
    • tta---normal adenosine deaminase
    • blackfan--low adenosine deaminse
  6. differnce between androgen insensitivity and mullarian agensis
    mullerian ageneis has pubic and axillary hair
  7. hypertensive retinopathy
    • av nicking
    • decreased light reflex
  8. acute fatty liver of pregnancy
    same as help syndrome +

    • renal failure
    • coagulopathy
  9. first line rx for  pagets
  10. when do you amputate vs intervene with a limb ishcemia
    • amputate--lack of pulse and sensation
    • intervene--audible pulses
  11. when do you drain effusions from pneumonia
    • complicated--ldh >1,000
    • acidic pH
  12. pink fluid draining out of an incision , next step
    wound dehicense--leave it alone
  13. prophylaxis for gout or pseudogout

    • gout--probenecid
    • allopurinol
    • colchicine
  14. relative contraindication for tpa in mi
    prolonged cpr
  15. most common complication of mumps in prepubertal kids?
    post pubertal kids?

  16. mononeuritis complex?
    peripheral neuropathy secondary to systemic inflammatory dissaeses like churg strauss, or croglobulienmia
  17. manifestations of hepatitis c
    • glomerulonephritis
    • joint pain
    • pupura
    • neuropathy
  18. septic shock + rash and other constitutional symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting
    toxic shock syndrome
  19. which depression has sensitivity to rejection
    atypical depression
  20. signs of down synrome
    • hypotonia
    • low set ears
    • epicanthal folds
    • deflection of fifth finger
  21. empiric therapy in febrile neutropenic patients
    • cefepime
    • if fever persists then add amphotericin
  22. patient cant hold up their hand against gravity, dx?
    supraspinatus injury
  23. tear of what tendon causes popeye arm
    long arm of triceps
  24. adrenal tumors that have benign characteristics and normal lab test, next step
  25. facial weakness, plus hand and leg weakness, ischemia where
    internal capsule
  26. purpose of intraaortic ballonn
    to increase coronary and cerebral blood flow
  27. osborn wave
    j wave due to hypothermia
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