Qtr 4 Micro exam 1

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  1. First person to observe a microorganism?
    ANTon Van Leeuwenhoek
  2. Father of micro
    Louis Pasteur
  3. Discovered anthrax, rabies vaccine, sterilization, pasteurization
  4. Discovered anthrax bacillus, tuberculosis, vibro cholerae, microbes
  5. Ignaz Semmelweis
    Cleaning Nazi
  6. Small pox vaccine
    Edward Jenner
  7. Joseph Lister(ine)
    Aseptic surgery
  8. Alexander Flemming
  9. Waksman
    Streptomycin (treat tuberculosis)
  10. Cure for syphilis (salvarsan)
    "Magic bullet"
    Paul Erlich
  11. Discovery of first virus
    Dmitri Ivanovsky
  12. Jonas stalk
    • Killed polio vaccine
    • legs straight as stalks
  13. Distinct nucleus with double stranded DNA
  14. How many hours between admission and symptoms for nosocomial condition?
    48 hrs
  15. Oral polio vaccine
  16. Condition caused by medical intervention
    Iatrogenic disease
  17. Only DNA virus with single strand
  18. only double strand RNA
  19. Orthomyxoviruses
  20. What is the nuleic acid of small pox?
  21. How many strands does small pox have?
  22. What is the family, genus, species and eradication date of small pox?
    • Family: Poxviridae
    • Genus: Orthopoxvirus
    • Species: variola
    • Eradication: 1979
  23. Togavirus
    Rubella (german measles)
  24. When during pregnancy does Congenital Rubella Syndrome occur
  25. What is the family, group and transmission of yellow fever?
    • Family: Flaviviridae
    • Group: IV RNA
    • Transmission: Arbovirus
  26. What are the two arbovirsus in the Flaviviridae Family
    • Yellow Fever
    • West Nile
  27. Rhabdoviris
  28. Incubation period of rabies
    3 wks-3mo
  29. What are the two main viruses that cause the common cold and what family do they belong too
    • Rhinovirus (Picornavirus)
    • Coronavirus (Coronavirus)
  30. WHo is at risk for Respiratory syncytial virus
    • >6wk
    • immune compromised
    • elderly
  31. What is the most common cause of bronchitis and pneumonia
    Respirator syncytial virus
  32. What is the most common form of influenza (orthomyxoviruses)
    A 71%
  33. What form of influenza can have antigenic shift and drift
  34. What is the leading cause of coup in children?
    HPIV 1
  35. WHat type of parainfluenza (common cold and coup) HPIV's causes bronchiolitis and pneumonia
    HPIV 3
  36. What is the family and transmission of polio
    • enterovirus
    • Food and water
  37. What is the most common cause of diarrhea and what is its family?
    • Rotavirus
    • reovirus
  38. What is the cause of hand foot mouth disease
    • Group A Coxoackie virus
    • (Picornaviridae)
  39. What type of virus is aids
    • Retrovirus
    • RNA SS
  40. What type of virus is molluscum contagiosum
    Pox virus
  41. What are the transmissions and symptoms of adenovirus?
    • Transmission: respiratory or fecal oral
    • Symptoms: gastroenteritis and diarrhea
  42. What virus is respionsible for erythema infectiosum (fifths disease) in children and Acute polyarthritis in adults
  43. What are the three paramyxoviruses
    • Mumps
    • Measles
    • Respiratory syncytial virus
  44. What is the main sign of mumps
  45. What type of virus is hepatitis A
    • RNA
    • Picornavirus
  46. What are the three main picornaviruses
    • Hep A
    • Polio¬†
    • Rhinovirus
  47. What is the mode of transmission for hep A
    • personal contact¬†
    • Blood
    • Food
    • Water
  48. What is the only DNA type of hepatitis
    Hepatitis B
  49. Which types of hepatitis transmit through bodily fluids
    B, C, and D
  50. What types of hepatitis transmit through food
    A and E
  51. What types of hepatitis have pre and post immunizations
    A, B, D
  52. What type of herpes causes burkitt's lymphoma (jaw)
    Epstein Barr
  53. What is the most common disease from epstein barr
  54. what is an intact infectious virus
  55. What causes benign warts and cervical carcinoma
  56. what type of herpes causes Kaposi's carcinoma
    human herpes virus 8
  57. What type of virus are the following herpes, pox, adeno, parvo
    dsDNA Viruses
  58. Only dsRNA
  59. Toga, polio, foot and mouth,hep A and Hep C
    SS RNA
  60. Influenza type
  61. reverse RNA
  62. Reverse DNA
    Hep B
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