Trigger Point Study Guide

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  1. Name an activating factor for Vastus Lateralis
    • New work out habits
    • Improper squats
    • Sports injury
  2. What homework would you give someone with severe low back pain?
    • Ice
    • theracane
    • quad & hamstring stretch
    • lay over exercise ball on stomach
  3. What muscles would you work for someone with Pseudo-sciatica?
    • gluteus mimimus
    • gluteus medius
    • QL
    • gluteus maximus
    • rectus abdominus
    • soleus
    • gastrocnemius
    • biceps femoris
    • semitendinosus & semimembranosus
  4. A kidney infection causing low back px is:
    A. somatovserceral dysfunction
    B. viscerosomatic dysfunction
    viscerosomatic dysfunction, because organ is causing the problem
  5. What is the technical name for "shin splints"?
  6. If I have a true sciatica, where is the nerve impinged?
    nerve root
  7. define crepitus
    tight muscle
  8. describe the symptomology for a facet injury
    • sudden onset (immediate)
    • localized/no referal px
    • hunched over
  9. If I had a posterior pelvic tilt, would I try to lengthen or tone the hamstrings?
    lengthen hamstrings
  10. Which glute muscle refers to the lateral gastrocnemius and the lateral malleolus
    gluteus minimus
  11. name a perpetuating factor for the hamstrings
    • prolonged sitting
    • postural balance
  12. what is the most common way to injury your ACL
    planted foot, violent rotation
  13. If I have a grade II strain, what symptoms would I have
    • limping
    • bruising
    • loss of ROM (mod to severe)
    • px
  14. How many different fiber directions are there in the QL muscle
  15. True or False: If I have px referral through my mid and lower back, rectus abdominus could be responsible.
  16. What homework would you give a client with plantar faciitis?
    • Roll ball on bottom foot
    • stop wearing high heels
  17. name 3 muscles that refer to the sacrum
    • piriformis
    • gluteus medius
    • gluteus maximus
    • QL
  18. name two reasons cramps occur
    • dehydration
    • nutrition deficiency
  19. Name the 3 types of sciatica
    • True sciatica
    • Pseudo sciatica
    • Piriformis syndrome
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