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  1. adjunct
    someone or something associated with another but in a secondary position
  2. admonish
    to scold
  3. benevolence
    an inclination to do good deeds
  4. bewildered
    completely flustered
  5. celestial
    relating to the heavens
  6. censor
    to remove mater-- wait. you know this
  7. dehydrate
  8. deject
    to make sad
  9. emulate
    to imitate or to copy
  10. enact
    to pass a law
  11. finale
    final part of some entertainment
  12. flagrant
    • notorious
    • outrageously glaring
  13. hibernate
    to spend a winter in a dormant state
  14. imply
    to suggest
  15. meek
    humble and sensitive
  16. obstruct
    to block
  17. persevere
    to continue in some course of action in spite of setbacks an opposition
  18. ravenous
    wildly eager to eat
  19. schism
    division or separation between members within a group
  20. tenacious
    steadily pursuing towards a goal. stubborn

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