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  1. encomium
    formal expression of praise
  2. encroach
    to trespass
  3. eruption
    a bursting forth or out, as of lava from a volcano; a sudden outburst
  4. escort
    to accompany in order to protect or show honor or courtesy
  5. esophagus
    the tube passing from the pharynx to the stomach; the gullet
  6. enigmatic
    like a riddle; puzzling; obscure
  7. rancor
    hard feelings; spitefulness; bitter hatred; malice
  8. jaded
    worn out; exhausted
  9. rapacious
    grasping; seizing; predatory
  10. jargon
    the language or vocab of a particular group, profession, trade, etc.
  11. rationalize
    to justify one's actions or motives plausibly but not necessarily truthfully; to make reasonable or rational
  12. jeopardy
    danger; risk
  13. flaccid
    lacking firmness or force; not stiff; limp
  14. placid
    calm; serene; peaceful
  15. ettison
    to throw overboard; to discard
  16. protrusion
    the state or act of thrusting forward or sticking out; that which sticks out or juts out
  17. protuberance
    a protrusion; that which bulges, sticks out or protrudes
  18. puerile
    childish; immature
  19. pulsation
    a beat or throb
  20. punctilious
    exact in detail; precise
  21. knavish
    mischievous; untrustowrthy; deceitful
  22. pungent
    sharp or striking to the sense of smell
  23. spectrum
    the entire range of something; colored bands of refracted light
  24. quiescent
    not agitated or anxious; at rest; inactive; quiet
  25. raucouss
    disagreeably harsh and loud; strident
  26. quixotic
    foolishly idealistic or romantic
  27. labrynth
    a place full of intricate passageways; a complex and confusing situation or idea
  28. lackadaisical
    listless; not interested; not animated
  29. laconic
    sparing of words; terse or concise
  30. raconteur
    one who can tell stories well
  31. ennui
    vague discontent; listless dissatisfaction; weariness of life; oppressive boredom
  32. flagellation
    whipping; flogging
  33. ensconced
    placced or settled snugly or securely
  34. aillery
    mild ridicule; good natured teasing
  35. languish
    to lose strength, force, or animation
  36. refractory
    resistant; stubborn
  37. flamboynt
    showy; fancy; ornate; colorful
  38. lapidry
    pertaining to the cutting, engraving, polishing of gem stones
  39. ravenous
    extremely hungry
  40. rebate
    a deduction or discount
  41. recalcitrant
    stubborn; defiant; rebellious
  42. erosive
    tending or causing to wear away or disintegrate slowly
  43. ramifications
    branches; subdivisions; results or consequences
  44. recant
    to renounce formally; to withdraw
  45. flaunt
    to display proudly; to wave or flourish arrogantly
  46. ramppant
    spreading unchecked; widespread and uncontrolled; wild or violent
  47. encumber
    to burden; to load down; to hinder
  48. erotic
    arousing sexual feelings
  49. esoteric
  50. erstwhile
    former; formerly

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