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  1. issued to modify a procedure that could result in loss of life, personal injury, or destruction of property in a publication
    emergency message change
  2. adds information to the basic publication, corrects errors, clarifies publications, and supersedes or changes requirements and procedures of the basic publication
  3. file all supplements ________ the basic publication
  4. deletes or modifies procedures that could involve public controversy or create adverse public opinion of the air force
    interim change
  5. post changes in the order in which they are ____?
  6. a formal change supersedes any existing?
    interim change or emergency message change
  7. when posting supplements, write in the _____ or _____ of an added paragraph. followed by the word "added" then identify the supplement
    number, letter
  8. when posting supplements ______ the number or letter of the supplements
    automatically stay in effect
  9. when a basic publication is rescinded, its supplements are
  10. T.O. break down
    can my mom stop talking shit
    • category
    • mission
    • model
    • series
    • type
    • section
  11. describes a specific aircraft along with the aircrafts equipment, operation, and characteristics, instructions for normal and emergency situations
    -1 flight manual
  12. description of the aircrafts features, different configurations, general and specific aircraft loading procedures, emergency procedures during loading/offloading, and airdrop procedures
    -9 loading instructions
  13. what type of TCTO is issued to resolve situations that could result in fatal or serious injury to personnel or in the destruction of valuable property?
  14. what is included in the body of a T.O.
    areas of concern annotation, table of contents, list of illustrations
  15. what provides "abbreviated" systematic procedures for operation/maintenance of systems and equipment
  16. area of concern annotation for death, serious injury
  17. areas of concern annotations for equipment damage
  18. areas of concern annotations for operational notes procedures
  19. what color are the symbols used on the AFTO IMT 781
  20. 781 X
  21. more serious condition my exist, unknown
    781 -
  22. unsat mark on 781
  23. cover sheet of the aircraft forms binder
  24. maintenance discrepancy
  25. maintenance status and servicing status, health and history
  26. engine operating time
    jet engine
  27. engine data, calendar inspection. and delayed discrepancies document
  28. what info is required when entering a discrepancy on a 781A
    • date
    • discrepancy
    • first initial and last name
  29. training that newly assigned personnel receive
    used to qualify crew members for basic aircrew duties on an assigned crew position for a specific aircraft
    aircraft training not mission training
    Initial Qualification Training (IQT)
  30. training required to qualify crew members in an assigned crew position for the command or unit mission
    Mission Qualification Training (MQT)
  31. what is the purpose of continuation training
    maintain proficiency and currency
  32. what is the AF Form 1522 called and why is it used
    • ground base training
    • to track training used on the ground
  33. who establishes the continuation training needed to maintain currency
  34. list the currency items that will result in immediate grounding if not kept current
    • flight physcal
    • physical training
    • ground egress
  35. what must an aircrew member do if they have loss of currency for up to six months
    demonstrate proficiency with instructor
  36. what must an aircrew member do if they have loss of currency for up to six months
    AFI 11-2 mission design series will guide
  37. when is an aircrew member considered unqualified
    loss of currency for over 6 months
  38. normal procedures, flight characteristics, systems operations, communications operating limitations and malfunction analysis is covered in what test
    open book
  39. information on system knowledge necessary for safe flight and mission accomplishment is covered in what test
    closed book
  40. to fly unsupervised aircrew members must be
    current and qualified
  41. what info I covered during emergency procedure evaluation (EPE)
    • bold face/critical action procedures
    • emergency procedures
    • aircraft systems
  42. first evaluation u receive after completing all training requirement related to your assigned aircraft
  43. check ride that is scheduled and will be done every 17 months
  44. administered to remedy a loss of qualification due to expiration of a required periodic evaluation, loss of currency, a flight recheck following a failed periodic evaluation, or loss of qualification due to a commander-directed downgrade
  45. evaluation program in addition to the 17 month periodic flight evaluations to determine the effectiveness of individual aircrew performance
  46. ensures aircrew members carry all required professional gear and publications
  47. what QUAL level is given when an aircrew member demonstrates the desired level of performance and knowledge
    QUAL 1
  48. what QUAL level is given when an aircrew member demonstrates the ability to perform your duties safely, but performance or knowledge  my need more training
    QUAL 2
  49. what QUAL level is given when an aircrew member demonstrates an unacceptable level of safety, performance, or knowledge
    QUAL 3
  50. what occurs if an aircrew member fails an evaluation
    • placed in supervised status
    • commander record review
    • will not fly unsupervised
  51. a chronological listing summarizing an aircrew members eval history
    on the left side of (FEF)
    AF Form 942
  52. certificate of aircrew qualifications
    on the right side of the (FEF)
    AF Form 8
  53. what form is a chronological history of an individuals evaluation history
    AF Form 942
  54. flight authorizations are signed by the
    unit commander
  55. athe harm is responsible for managing ______ and maintaining all aircrew _________
    • ARMS
    • (FRF) flight records folder
  56. _____ is a computer-automated system used to track continuation training accomplishments
  57. the official source document for determining incentive entitlement . current flying status. and total aircrew experience
    (FRF) flight records folder
  58. how often should you review your (FRF) for accuracy
  59. who prepares aeronautical orders, woks with accounting and finance, coordination with the flight surgeon office
  60. due to the busy ops tempo of most operations squadrons, the SARM office enables day-to-day operations to run efficiently
  61. what form is used to track all flying continuation training
    (MAR) mission accomplish report
  62. what form is the primary update to the ARMS for aircrew ground training events
    AF Form 1522 additional training accomplishment report
  63. what form documents flight duration and type of duty performed
  64. crew member occupying a designated duty station and actively performing the duty associated with the aircrew specialty or when receiving instruction
    primary flight time
  65. performing in flight duties related to the aircrew specialty but not controlling the function of that specialty
    secondary flight time
  66. instructor actively performing instructional duties
    instructor flight time
  67. designated and qualified evaluator performing authorized flight evaluation duties
    evaluator flight time
  68. on flight authorizations not performing ay in-flight duties related to the aircrew specialty and not controlling the function of that specialty
    other flight time
  69. which aeronautical badge is awarded after completion of 3-level training
    • basic aircrew badge
    • initial qual eval
  70. at what point is the basic aircrew badge permanently awarded
    36 mo flytime
  71. what are the requirements for the senior aircrew badge
    • 7yr flytime
    • 5 level
  72. what are the requirements for the chief aircrew badge
    • 15 yr flytime
    • 7level
  73. what is the effective date of the first order to perform flying duties as a career enlisted aviator (CEA)
    aviation service date
  74. what do aeronautical orders allow aircrew members to do
    perform duties on assigned aircraft and start (CEFIP)
  75. what AFI establishes aviation service, policy and procedures for awarding USAF aeronautical rating and aviation badges to all air crew members
    AFI 11-402
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