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  1. The effect of music therapy on anxiety in patients who are terminally ill
    • -use of music therapy in comfort care is growing. however the research is in music therapy is limited.
    • -the goal of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a single music therapy session in reducing anxiety for terminally ill patients.
    • -they hypothesized that there would be a significant difference btwn the experimental and control grps on anxiety levels.
    • -exp grp received a single music therapy intervention and control grp received a volunteer visit.
    • -25 subjects with terminal illness in hospice were recruited.
    • -hypothesis was supported
    • -conclusion, study supports use of music therapy to manage anxiety in terminally ill pts.
  2. Embedding health promoting changes into the daily lives of independent living older adults: follow up of occupational therapy intervention
    • -The Well Elderly study was a randomized trial in independent living elders that found significant health function and quality of life benefits associated to preventative occupational therapy (OT)
    • -long term benefit of preventative OT was found for the quality of physical, social and emotional functioning.
  3. Following your heart or your head: focusing on emotions vs influence on decisions in younger and older adults
    • -study researching manipulations emphasizing a focus on feelings would have an effect on decision making quality of younger and older adults.
    • -60 older adults and 60 younger adults
    • -presented participants with health care choices that required them to consider multiple pieces of info.
    • -instructional manipulations had grps focus on either emotion or information focused.
    • -younger adults did better in info focused and older adults did better in emotion focused.
    • -found that the quality of decision making should take the age of the decision maker into account.
  4. Ginny OT speaker
    • -habit change and wellness
    • - OT's help people have the skills of living
    • -prevention
    • -"flow" participating in activity that is meaningful to you, you get lost in it and dont feel ur pain.

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