Biofuels Alcohol, biodiesel quiz

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  1. Another name for amylose is
  2. Biodiesel can not be made successfully using ethanol instead of methanol. T or F
  3. Ford made alcohol Fueled cars for Brazil during the 1980's. T or F
  4. The gasifier built in the Tech Dept. for the P3 grant were:
  5. This test indicates the temperature at which biodiesel starts to become unacceptably non-viscous
    Cloud point
  6. The ASU Biodiesel facility removes impurities from the raw biodiesel with:
    Passing it through a dry resin column
  7. Methanol is less volatile than ethanol. T or F
  8. In our Biogas Calculations what did the letters COD stand for
    Chemical oxygen Demand
  9. Methanol is more expensive than ethanol. T or F
  10. The compound which catalyzes the reaction and neutralizes the interfering compound is
    Sodium Hydroxide
  11. At ASU Biodiesel facility the compound added to the vegetable oil to make biodiesel is
  12. The primary feedstock for methanol production is starch. T or F
  13. Sucrose (table sugar) is.
    A disaccharide comprised of glucose and fructose
  14. This test determines whether there is excess methanol in the biodiesel
    Flash Point
  15. Updraft gasifiers tend to have less tar in their gas. T or F
  16. Boiling point for different compounds...
    • Water-212
    • Ethanol-173
    • Methanol-148
    • Isopropyl Alcohol-181
  17. The primary feedstock used in most of the world for biogas production is
    Animal Manure
  18. The fatty acids attached to the triglyceride are _____, then the cloud point of the resultant fuel will be higher?
  19. In a base catalyzed reaction if free fatty acids are not neutralized then what happens during the reaction?
    Catalyst is converted into soap and there is not enough for the biodiesel reaction
  20. The only difference between starch and cellulose is the orientation of the bond between the glucose molecules.
    T or F
  21. Using Drapcho et al. (2008) match the following oil yields (gal/acre/yr) with the sources
    • Rapeseed oil-127
    • Sunflower-102
    • Soybean-48
    • Hemp-39
    • Corn-18
    • Oil Palm-635
    • Algae- 6280
  22. Downdraft Gasifiers tend to have ash in their gas stream?
    T or F
  23. Identify the Polysaccharides?
    • Cellulose-Poly
    • Amylose-Poly
    • Glucose-Not Poly
    • Fructose-Not Poly
    • Starch-Poly
  24. At the ASU Biodiesel Facility, Solar thermal panel heat the reaction process?
    T or F
  25. The anaerobic bacteria that create methane at temperatures over 110degrees F are known as?
  26. According to Drapcho et al. (2008) one problem associated with use of straight vegetable oil in new diesel engines is
    Build up of free glycerine on injectors
  27. Why I think that in the study of bio fuels as a replacement for fossil fuels one should begin with bio-gas
    It takes little or no energy to generate and it can then be used as a fuel source for the creation of biofuels
  28. The Feedstock for the still at AppalCart was
    Sweet Potatos
  29. The compound in waste vegetable oil that can interfere with the biodiesel formation process is
    Free Fatty acids
  30. Biodiesel can not be made successfully using ethanol instead of methanol
    T or F
  31. Mashing refers to
    The first step of the alcohol production process
  32. According to kemp, if fuel fails this specification nothing else matters, so it should be the first test performed
    Total Glycerin
  33. The maximum % of ethanol that can be created during fermentation is about
  34. The ASU biodiesel facility uses a two stage reaction to make biodiesel which means
    Only 70% of the methoxide is added originally and circulated for 1 hour. Then the glycerin is drained off and the rest of the methoxide is reacted.
  35. to be used as a fuel in an internal combustion engine alcohol should be atleast
    160 proof
  36. Approximatly 2/3 of the methane produced in the methanogenic phase derices from the lithotrophic H2-oxidizing methanogens
    T or F
  37. At the ASU Biodiesel facility the technique used to clean the waste vegetable oil to less than on micron after several passes is
  38. Ethanol has a higher energy content than gasoline
    T or F
  39. In order for the distilled product to ignite it must be atleast
    100 proof
  40. identify the six main reactor conditions listed by Drapcho et al. (2008).
    • Acetogenesis- Not Reactor
    • Temperature-Reactor
    • Loading Rate- Reactor
    • batch-Not reactor
    • Plug Flow-Not Reactor
    • Methan Content-Not reactor
    • Moisture content- Reactor
    • pH-Reactor
    • Environment-Reactor
    • Hydrolysis-Not Reactor
    • Retention time-Reactor
    • Carbon Dioxide Saturation-Not Reactor
  41. According to Drapcho et al. (2008) the critical factor in the economic use of enzyme-catalyzed biodiesel reactions is
    Reuse of the Enzyme
  42. The backbone of the triglyceride is called the
  43. according to Drapcho et al. (2008) even though a greater amount of unsaturated chains in biodiesel lead to a less viscous and lower cloud point fuel, too much unsaturation is bad because
    combustion may lead to polymerization
  44. According to Drapcho et al. (2008) higher molar ratios of catalyst to oil are needed for acid-catalyzed reactions compared to base-catalyzed reactions
    T or F
  45. According to Drapcho et al. (2008) approximately how much methane produced in methanogensis is derived from acetoclastic methanogens
  46. Downdraft gasifiers tend to have ash in their gas stream
    T or F
  47. According to Drapcho et Al. (2008) algae production requires less water than typical oilseed crops like soy and rape
    T or F
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