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  1. Capricious /ka-prish-is/
    Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable.
  2. Reconcile /wreck-con-sigh-l/
    1. To reestablish a close relationship between.2. To settle or resolve.3. To bring (oneself) to accept: He finally reconciled himself to the change in management.4. To make compatible or consistent: reconcile my way of thinking with yours.
  3. Labyrinth /lab-er-inth/
    a. An intricate structure of interconnecting passages through which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.b.   Labyrinth Greek Mythology  The maze in which the Minotaur was confined.2. Something highly intricate or convoluted in character, composition, or construction: a labyrinth of rules and regulations.
  4. Abrogate /ab-row-gate/
    To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority.
  5. Reprehensible /rep-re-hen-see-bull/
    Deserving rebuke or censure; blameworthy
  6. Absolution /ab-soul-lou-shun/
    1. The act of absolving or the state of being absolved.2. The formal remission of sin imparted by a priest, as in the sacrament of penance.
  7. Shroudly /shh-ru-ow-d-ly/
  8. Peril /pear-ul/
    Imminent danger
  9. Succor /suck-er/
    Help; relief; aid; assistance
  10. Sentinel /sent-in-uhl/
    A solider stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack
  11. Quelled /kwelled/
    Suppressed; put to an end; extinguished
  12. Procure /pro-cure/
    To obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means.
  13. Laudable /law-deh-bull/
    Deserving praise; praiseworthy; commendable
  14. Cognizance /ka-gig-ah-neh-zince/
    Awareness; realization; or knowledge; notice; perception
  15. Feign /fain/
    Invented fictitiously or deceptively, as a story or an excuse.
  16. Pestilence /pest-il-lance/
    • a. A contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating.
    • b. Something that is destructive or pernicious
  17. Copious /coh-pee-us/
    • a. Yielding something abundantly
    • b. Full of information, thought, or matter
  18. Loathsome /lowth-some/
    Causing feelings of hatred or disgust
  19. Avarice /ah-va-rehs/
    A strong desire to have or get money
  20. Galling /gahl-ling/
    Causing someone to feel angry or annoyed
  21. Mendicant /mehnd-eh-kent/
    Someone(such as from a religious group) who lives by asking people for money for food
  22. Docile /daw-suhl/
    • a. easily taught
    • b. easily led or managed
  23. Soliloquy /so-low-leh-qwe/
    A long, usually serious speech that a character in a play makes to an audience and reveals the character's thoughts
  24. Timorous /tim-or-us/
    Easily frightened
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