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  1. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    (I am seated on stage after schmoozing since Nikki's big speech)
    Carston is on stage, looking confused after Dwayne's exit and adjusting his watches.
    Ooooh, I sense you are a rich man!
  2. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: Not me, Sheila
    My name is not Sheila.
  3. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: Oh, sorry, mate. Who are you?
    I'm CharlotteAnne Fortune. But my friends, and I hope you'll be one, call me MISS Fortune.
  4. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: Oh, so you're a single Sheila.
    Hopefully not for too much longer! I sense you are going to need help carrying ALL that loot. May... I be of service?
  5. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: When not safe in the safe, passengers' possessions must remain on the purser's person at all times.
    I sense you don't sleep with all of that... do you?
  6. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: A purser never sleeps... on the job.
    That's too bad! I sense we could have a really good time not sleeping together in your cabin.
  7. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: A purser's cabin location is need to know only.
    I have a growing need... to know.
  8. PURSER - MS. FORTUNE - p.7
    Carston: I have to get back to work.
    (pick up watch he drops)  ...I sense we will see each other again...
    Amber: Can I help you?
    Countess: Yebby ta kaptam?
    Amber: (shrugs)
    Countess: Yebby ta kaptam?
    Amber: Yebby the what?
    Please, let Ms. Fortune help. (big move, circle countess) I sense... confusion. Someone is... seeking someone. I sense Yebby ta kaptam is... calling to us... Yebby ta kaptam! Yebby ta...! (pushed down)
  10. AMBER - COUNTESS - MS. FORTUNE - p.7-9
    Countess: Forgive me. I am looking for Yebby ta kaptam... the captain?
    Amber: Well, why didn't you say so? He's not here.
    I am getting a sense that... poor Yebby ta kaptam is not among us!
  11. AMBER - COUNTESS - MS. FORTUNE - p.7-9
    Countess: I can see that. Do you know where I might find him? It is very important.
    You must seek Yebby ta kaptam... (look expectantly at Amber)
  12. AMBER - COUNTESS - MS. FORTUNE - p.7-9
    Amber: Well, you might try the bridge, you know, where they drive this thing.
    Yeees, I sense Yebby ta kaptam is on... the bridge!
    Amber: Or maybe the Captain's Quarters, that's a good possibility.
    Oohhh! I sense that poor Yebby ta kaptam is... in QUARTERS!
  14. AMBER - COUNTESS - MS. FORTUNE - p.7-9
    Amber: No, in HIS quarters. His quarters where he lives. The room he stays in when he's off duty.
    Oh. Those quarters. (sit down in embarrassment)
  15. AMBER - COUNTESS - MS. FORTUNE - p.7-9
    Countess: Please, young lady, is the captain even on the ship? In the quarters, under the bridge, or did he fall into a lifeboat?
    Amber: The captain is on the ship somewhere.
    Countess: Do not mock me, or I shall report you to the captain!
    I sense.... someone is in trouble.
  16. AMBER - COUNTESS - MS. FORTUNE - p.7-9
    Amber: Whoa, Countess, don't get your perfumed panties in a wad. Geez.
    Countess: Why, you little bitch?
    Amber: And just who are you? Her secretary?
    • Fortune. CharlotteAnne Fortune. But you can call me Ms. Fortune. (Amber: Well, Miss Fortune. Don't you get between me and my...)
  17. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Amber: Really? You got some ID?
    Charles: Of course I do... in my luxury suite.
    Amber: Well, why don't you go get it - and come back around 9:30?
    Charles: This is an outrage! I want to see Captain Berg!
    (following the Captain through the audience, hands around head) I sense Yebby ta kaptam is close, very close, very, very close....
  18. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Amber: Ever since he saw that movie Titanic, he's afraid of hitting an iceberg.
    Charles: But we're in the Caribbean!
    Amber: Tell that to Captain Berg.
    He's getting closer, he's coming, he's coming, he's...
  19. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Charles: This is an outrage!
    Amber: It sure is. I can't serve my customers. Why don't you try the Windburn Cafe? They're open all the time. And sometimes the food is even fresh.
    I sense... Yebby ta kaptam... has come, he now walks among us.
  20. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Captain: What? Do you know who these people are?
    Nicki: Yes. Do you know who these people are?
    I sense these people are...
  21. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Amber: Well, this guy claims to be some rich guy named Tipton. And this woman says she's his accountant, counter, or Countess, or something.
    ... A rich guy and his Countess!
  22. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Countess: Will the Captain be joining us?
    Nicki: Will you be joining them?
    I sense they will be dining...
  23. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Captain: No. I'm dining with some other rich people tonight.
  24. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Captain: Then I'm meeting .............. By then it will be time for the midnight buffet. I'm sure they'll understand.
    I sense that noooooo oooooone understands...
  25. AMBER - CHARLES - COUNTESS - P.13-16
    Amber: So, what'll it be, Chuck?
    • I sense great amounts of liquid... water, ocean.... I sense the coming of a great tide of... (stay on stage until Charles finishes ordering gin and tonic, exit with bottle of wine)
  26. FLOOR SHOW - p.23
    Announcer: You have been astounded by her great psychic skill in predicting the future throughout the evening. But now, let's meet her for real, Carnivore Cruise Lines' very own MS. CHARLOTTEANNE FORTUNE! Ms. Fortune, would you join us?
    (enter from the back, interact with volunteers)
  27. IT'S MISSING! - p.23-26
    Countess: ..... Oh my god! Where is my necklace!
    Charles: What? It was right here on the table. Perhaps it fell on the floor. No, it's not here. This is terrible!
    Countess: Oh my. Oh my, my, my.
    Nicki: Is there a problem?
    I sense a great loss has descended upon this ship... I sense there is...
  28. IT'S MISSING! - p.23-26
    Nicki: ...... The purser, I'll call the purser. He's great at finding things.
    Amber: Don't bother him. That poor purser always has his hands full.
    I sense... the Ship's Purser is... loaded.
  29. HE'S DEAD! - p.25-27
    (She fought the law and the law won)
    Nicki: Oh, drop dead, Dwayne. Very funny, Dwayne. Dwayne? (no pulse) Dwayne? Dwayne? I'm afraid Dwayne has joined his singing career. He's dead.
    I sense the quiet of the grave... someone is going to die!
  30. HE'S DEAD! - p.25-27
    Nicki: You really need to work on your reception. (shows me the body)
  31. HE'S DEAD! - p.25-27
    Dusty: Dead! That means my poor Newtie was... was... was...
    Amber: MURDERED. And that you did it. You killed Dwayne Newt. You wanted his job. You wanted...
  32. HE'S DEAD! - p.25-27
    Dusty: ..... But now that he's dead, you'll need a new lead act. I'll have my agent call you...
    (re-enact from before) I sense a great loss has descended upon this ship... I sense there is...
  33. HE'S DEAD! - p.25-27
    Sam enters
    Sam: Awful quiet in here.
    I sensed the quiet of the grave...
  34. INVESTIGATION - p.28-30
    Carston - Sam conversation about missing watch
    Nicki: Maybe Dwayne just had a heart attack. Nobody said anything about murder.
    (excitedly) I did! Not more than TEN minutes ago. I said (trance pose) I sense a great loss has descended upon this ship... I sense there is.. (excitedly) I've sensed it twice already!
  35. INVESTIGATION - p.28-30
    Sam: What? What did you sense?
    (regretfully) My signal faded before I knew...!
  36. INVESTIGATION - p.28-30
    Nicki: She hasn't been right yet.
    Start to dump body. Roll off stage when Sam says "the dirty deed."
  37. INVESTIGATION - p.28-30
    Sam: I'm going to check out the tape from the surveillance cameras we have trained on this room.
    ALL: Surveillance cameras?
    I sense all will be revealed soon. YOU will see...
  38. INVESTIGATION - p.28-30
    Purser is getting ready to search suspects.
    Nicki: That's Beach! Sorry, I'm a little uptight..
    Amber: No kidding.
    I sense we should start with... Her!
  39. INVESTIGATION - p.28-30
    Carston: Your purse, young lady.
    I sense she is hiding... hiding... hiding something, something that does not belong to her.
  40. WRAP UP - p.32-26
    Sam's asking what kind of drink Charles ordered.
    Carston: A vodka martini - with a little umbrella?
    Sam: No.
    Nicki: A Shirley Temple Black?
    Sam: No.
    I sense he ordered a fuzzy... uh, uh, a fuzzy... don't tell me...
  41. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam: ..... The answer is...
    Amber: A gin and tonic. I should know.
    Hey, I'm the Psychic on this ship!
  42. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam: ..... Now to your accomplice.
    I sense it was (everyone gasps)... the purser! (everyone looks at Sam)
  43. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam: Really? The purser? Seriously?
    I sense it was... Nicki.
  44. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam: I sense you are... WRONG in so many ways.
    Wait! I sense... (trying very hard)... I have nothing...
  45. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    EVERYONE except me: Charles! It was Charles!
    Oooooh, I was going to sense that! Really I was! Honestly! I was...
  46. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam pulls necklace out of glass.
    Nicki: And before she could bus the table and get out of the room with the real rocks, Dwayne dragged her into the Conga Line!
    I sense Amber killed Dwayne because he stopped her getaway.
  47. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    ALL: Really? She got one?
    I've got my whodo mojo back! I'm going to celebrate!
  48. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Charles and Amber circle each other with weapons.
    Charles: Sorry, babe, I'm not taking any more chances.
    Nicki disarms Charles
    Sneak up behind Amber, do PSYCHIC POWER MOVE, paralyze Amber.
  49. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Same: Ms. Fortune, what was that move you did on Amber?
    • I sensed... there was trouble, so I came back just in time to whodo Amber with my psychic power. (Shyly, flirtatiously) So then you could solve the whodunit.
    • (Sam: Well done, Ms. Fortune => blush, stammer, happy, etc.)
    • (hang around in background, apparently thinking hard)
  50. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam: ...... I'll need a statement from you, Countess.
    MAGIC MOVE at Sam, he smiles at me, I smile back.
  51. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam: And why don't you let me buy you a drink, Ms. Fortune? I think you need one.
    Thanks, Sam. I would love to... why don't we go to the Lifeboat Bar and Grill?
  52. WRAP UP - p.32-36
    Sam offers his arm to me.
    I take his arm, return the watch to the purser, and we exit through the audience.
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