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  1. What is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result?
  2. What is a group of related projects that are coordinated allowing for more control?
  3. What is a collection of projects and programs that are aligned to achieve strategic business objective?
  4. What is a group of related project activities that allows for more control and often completes a major deliverable?
  5. What is a group of project phases defined by an organization into a framework allowing for more control?
    Project Life Cycle
  6. What is the original approved plan plus/minus all approved changes, the current approved version of the plan?
  7. What is a set of formal policies, procedures, rules, or processes that defines how things are done.
  8. What is an iterative approach to planning; plans are created in multiple passes rather than all at once?
    Progressive Elaboration
  9. What is it when documents or data from previous projects which are used to assist in future project decisions?
    Historical Information
  10. What is the environment you work in that can impact your project, corporate culture, industry standards, infrastructure, political climate, market condition, etc.?
    Enterprise Environmental Factors
  11. What is any documented processes and procedures; corporate knowledge base (e.g., project archives)
    Organizational Process Assets
  12. What is a departmentalized structure where employees work for only one manager; project manager has little or no power?
    Functional Organization Structure
  13. What kind of organization is it where employees report to both a functional manager and a project manager (power is shared); i
    Matrix Organization Structure
  14. What are the 3 types of Matrix Organizations?
    • Weak - The PM has little power
    • Balanced - The PM has moderate power
    • Strong - The PM has nearly full power and authority
  15. What kind of organization where the employees work directly for and report only to the project manager, project manager has full power and authority?
    Projectized Organization Structure
  16. What is a person or organization who is actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively impacted by the project, or who might exert influence over the project?
  17. What is the market demand, business need or strategic opportunity, customer request, technological advance, legal requirement, ecological impact social need called?
    Business Case
  18. What is the staff assistant to the executive who has responsibility for the project; can make few if any decisions; primary responsibility lies in assuring the timely arrival of resources?
    Project Expeditor
  19. Who reports to a higher level in the hierarchy; has authority to assign work to individuals, but lacks full authority of project manager?
    Project Coordinator
  20. Who is tasked with achieving the project objectives; lead person responsible for communicating with all stakeholders including sponsor, may report to a functional manager or program or portfolio manager?
    Project Manager
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