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  1. essay
    to make an effort; to trial; to attempt; short written composition
  2. purport
    to give an impression of; intention
  3. pusillanimous
    cowardly; timid
  4. erudite
    well read; scholarly; learned
  5. choreography
  6. fallible
    likely to fail or be in error
  7. ausipicious
    favorable; fortunate
  8. necromancy
    black magic; sorcery
  9. sardonic
    bitterly scornful; mocking; cynical; derisive
  10. adamant
    determined; unyielding; uncompromising; immovable
  11. alliteration
    repetition of beginning sounds in several words in a phrase or line
  12. analgesic
    pain relieving; soothing
  13. choleric
    hot tempered; easily angered
  14. fallacious
    false;  misleading
  15. invalidated
    no longer made valid; cancelled
  16. aureole
    a halo
  17. seceded
    withdrawn; broken away
  18. sarcophagus
    stone coffin or tomb
  19. loll
    to sprawl listlessly or lazily
  20. alleviate
    to ease, relieve, or lighten
  21. laudatory
    epressing praise
  22. comely
    attractive or pleasant in person
  23. facetious
    not seirous; fippantly humorous
  24. factitious
    not spontaneous; made up; affected
  25. inveigled
    enticed or induced by cunning or flattery; coaxed with insincerity; cajoled
  26. avid
    eager; enthusiastic
  27. scurrilous
    vulgarly abusive; indecent
  28. sactuary
  29. littoral
    shore and area nearby
  30. allegory
    a story or play where characters and events portray moral principles and abstract truths
  31. lascivious
    arousing sensual desires; lustful
  32. deferential
    respectful; courteous
  33. ollusion
    secret cooperation for wrongful purpose
  34. fiscal
    financial; pertaining to money
  35. inured
    accustomed to; hardened to; unaffected by
  36. natatorium
    indoor swimming pool
  37. scrutinized
    examined in detail closely studied
  38. salutary
    tending to promote good; beneficial
  39. lineament
    distinctive facial feature; distinguishing characterisitc
  40. altruistic
    unselfish; benevolent
  41. infintesimal
    very small
  42. collated
    collected and arranged in order; compared critically
  43. fissure
    a crack or narrow opening
  44. facacde
    false front
  45. invective
    abusive; condemning
  46. nauseous
    having the urge to vomit; queasy; sickening
  47. nebulous
    cloudy; vague; not clear
  48. scurried
    hurried briskly; scampered
  49. sanguine
    cheerful; hopeful; optimistic
  50. lithe
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