ch 11 urinary system terms

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  1. urology
    the study of conditions related tot the urinary system
  2. urologist
    specialist in diseases of the urinary system
  3. pathological terms
  4. glomerul o nephr itis
    inflammation of the Kidney glomeruli
  5. pyel o nephr itis
    inflammation of the kidney pelvis (usually caused by bacteria)
  6. cystitis
    • inflammation of the urinary bladder
    • caused by bacteria
  7. urinary tract infection (UTI)
    infection of the uriary tract
  8. acute renal failure
    • sudden stoppage of kidney functions.
    • recovery is usually complete
  9. chronic renal faiure
    • gradual failure of the kidney functions
    • it requires dilysis or kidney trnsplant.
  10. end stage renal disease (ESRD)
    • permanent loss of kidney function
    • it requires dialysis for life or kidney transplant
  11. polycystic kidney
    inherited disease characterized by the formatino of many cysts in the kidney.
  12. hydro nephr osis
    accumulation of the large amount of urine int he kidney pelis due to obstrution
  13. hydro ureter
    accumulation of the large amout of urine in the ureter
  14. nephr o lith iasis
    presence of stones in kidney (calculi)
  15. ur o lith iasis
    pressence of stones in any part of the urnary tract
  16. nephrotic syndrome
    • a condition characterized by:
    • protein in urine (proteinuria)
    • edema
    • hypertension
  17. bladder neck obstruction (BNO)
    blockage oat the base of the bladder that prevents the flow of urine
  18. acute tubular necrosis (ATN)
    necrosis of the kidney tubules due to ischemia or toxins
  19. enuresis (incontinence)
    • inability to control urine
    • involuntary urination
  20. Nocturnal enuresis
    involuntary urination at night
  21. stress incontinence
    • leakage of a small amount of urine during physicl ctivity
    • coughing
    • laughing
    • sneezing
    • physial execise
  22. dysuria
    painful or difficult urination
  23. oliguria
    small amount of urine
  24. polyuria
    large amount of urine
  25. -ia
    abnormal condition
  26. oligo-
    small amount
  27. anuria
    absence of urine production
  28. an-
  29. hematuria
    blood in urine
  30. nocturia
    excessive urination at night
  31. frequency
    more frequent urnation
  32. hesitancy
    delay in starting urination
  33. urgency
    desire to urinate immediately
  34. diagnostic precedures
  35. urine analysis (UA)
    • examining a urine specimen
    • physical
    • chemical
    • microscopic
  36. culture and sensitivity (C&S)
    growing bacteria in urine and testing its sensitivity to various antibiotics.
  37. blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    blood test to check the kidney function
  38. ultrasonography
    imaging the kidney and other internal organs using high frequency sound waves.
  39. radiographic (X-ray)
    • -kidney, ureter, bladder (KUB)
    • plain X-ray for the kidney, ureter and bladder
    • -intravenous pyelography (IVP)
    • radiographic exmination of the kidney pelvis, ureter and bladder after IV injectio of a dye (contrast medium)
  40. radiographic (cont---
    • retrograde pyelography
    • padiographicc examinatino of the kidney pelvis after injection a contrast medium through the urethra
  41. cyst o urethr o graphy
    radiographic examination o the urinary bladder and urethra
  42. computed tomography (CT)
    radiographic imaging of the body at different angles and cross sections
  43. Endoscopy----
  44. cystoscopy
    visual eamination of the urinary bladder
  45. urethroscopy
    visual examination of the urethra
  46. nephroscopy
    visual examination of the kidneys
  47. therapeutic terms
  48. nephrectomy
    surgical removal of a kidney
  49. nephropexy
    fixation of a mobile kidney
  50. ureterectomy
    surgical removal of the ureter
  51. ureteroplasty
    surgical repair of the ureter
  52. urethr o tomy
    making an inciion into the urethra to treat urethral stricture (narrowing
  53. -tomy
    making an incision
  54. urethr o stomy
    creating an oopening between the urethra and the skin
  55. -stomy
    creating an opening
  56. hemodialysis
    separation of toxins from the blood
  57. peritoneal dialysis
    removal of toxins by filtration through the peritoneum cavity
  58. extra corporal shock wave lithotripsy
    crushing of kidney stones through the skin
  59. -tripsy
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