PHM 115 Test 2

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  1. What is target tissue?
    Specific tissue acted upon by each hormone
  2. What are steroid derived from?
  3. What gland has no ducts and secrets hormones directly into the bloodstream?
    Endocrine gland
  4. What glands are the endocrine glands?
    Pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pancreas, ovaries, testes, pineal
  5. What gland is the master gland, controlled by the hypothalamus, and it controls all other glands in the body?
    The Pituitary Gland
  6. What is another name for growth hormone?
  7. What stimulates sex cell production?
  8. What glands are the sex glands?
  9. What drug is used to induce the ejection of milk from breast?
  10. What is a lack of growth hormone in childhood?
  11. What regulates metabolism in the body?
    The Thyroid
  12. Lack of thyroid in infants, stunted growth and retardation?
    Cretinism (infantile hypothyroidism)
  13. What is under active thyroid?
  14. What is used for radiation protection for thyroid?
    • Iodine solution (Lugol’s Solution)
    • What is used for hyperthyroidism and thyroid carcinoma?
    • Sodium Iodine (Idotope)
  15. What is used to treat Paget’s bone disease as well as osteoporosis?
    Calcitonin and Fosamax
  16. What is a vasoconstrictor and comes from the Adrenal Medulla?
  17. Where does epinephrine come from?
    Sympathetic nervous system
  18. What controls carbohydrate reserves in the body, aids in the bodys response to stress, and suppress inflammation?
  19. What regulates water and electrolyte balance?
  20. What is a prototype drug of glucocorticoids?
  21. What are the side effects of glucocorticoids?
    Euphoria, increase in appetite, insomnia, headache, low resistance to infections, increased urination, and thirst.
  22. What can happen with the chronic use of glucocorticoids?
    Cushing’s syndrome, edema, weight gain, increased bruising.
  23. What is the drug of choice for indicated for Addison’s Disease?
  24. Indicated for the diagnostic testing for a adrenocorticoid function?
  25. What is the drug of choice for sever hypoglycemia?
    Glucagon (Alpha cells)
  26. What type of diabetes is insulin dependent and is also known as Juvenile diabetes?
    Type 1
  27. What type of diabetes is non-insulin dependent and has a treatment of diet restrictions, insulin, and monitoring use of hypoglycemics?
    Type 2
  28. What is known as an Anti-diuretic hormone which influences water retention in kidneys?
    Diabetes Insipidus (lack of ADH)
  29. What are complications of diabetes?
    Blindness, kidney problems, stroke, nerve damage, foot problems, poor wound healing.
  30. Where does insulin come from?
    Pork or beef
  31. What is bovine?
  32. What is porcine?
  33. How is the amount of insulin needed determined?
    By sliding scale
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