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  1. amalgamate
    to join or mix together; to unite; to combine
  2. commisierate
    to sympathize; to feel or show pity for
  3. ligature
    a binding or a bond
  4. allay
    to calm; to pacify
  5. ineffable
    indescribable; too overpowering to be expressed in words
  6. aquisition
    the act of gaining or acquiring
  7. fetid
  8. iridescent
    showing a play of colors like a rainbow
  9. primeval
    fromt he first age; prehistoric
  10. apathetic
    indifferent; unconcerned; unemotional
  11. agglomeration
    the process of massing or clustering together
  12. sequester
    to isolate; to seclude; to segregate
  13. licentious
    without moral restraint; defiant of normal rules
  14. allegation
    an unproven accusation; charge of guilt
  15. teem
    to be overflowing; to be full of
  16. temporal
    limited by time; secular or civil rather than religious or spiritual
  17. temporize
    to comply with the time and occasion; to yield to current opinion; to stall for time; to compromise
  18. tenable
  19. tortuous
    twisting; winding; turning
  20. trajectory
    the arc which marks the path of an object that is hurled or fired but not otherwise propelled or guided
  21. transcend
    to go beyond or rise above in degree or excellence; to favorably exceed a limiation
  22. transient
    moving from place to place; not permanent; brief
  23. tenent
  24. improvised
    made up without preparation
  25. tenuous
    very thin or fine; flimsy
  26. emaciated
    wasted away from lack of nourishment;  extremely thin
  27. tenure
    a period of tie during which something is held or kept; the right or act of possessing
  28. stringent
    strict; rigid; severe
  29. stupor
    a daze
  30. subservient
    submissive; acting as a servant
  31. impasse
    stalemate or deadlock; condition or situation that stops progress
  32. impeccable
  33. impeccunious
    having no $
  34. terminate
    to end
  35. terrestrial
    of the land or the earth
  36. translucent
    allowing light to pass through but obscuring clear vision
  37. travesty
    a ridiculous, absurd, or grotesque immitation
  38. terse
    concise; brief
  39. tether
    a rope, chain
  40. therapeuticc
    healing; curing
  41. pewter
    a dull silver colored metal used for making dishes, pans,etc
  42. titanic
    enormous; huge; powerful
  43. titular
    in name only
  44. treatise
    a long and formal written work on a nonfictional subject
  45. subsidiary
    subordinate; dependent upon
  46. substantiate
    to verify
  47. impunity
    exemption or freedom from punishment/harm
  48. stint
    to limit
  49. stipple
    an arrangement of dots or speckles
  50. strident
    harsh sounding; shrill
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