French Family Verbs

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  1. habiter
    to live
  2. arriver
    to arrive
  3. rentrer
    to return
  4. rester
    to stay
  5. inviter
    to invite
  6. travailler en ville
    to work in the city
  7. aller
    to go
  8. se reposer
    to rest
  9. s’amuser
    to have fun
  10. partir
    to leave
  11. faire un voyage
    to take a trip
  12. être à l’université
    to be at the university
  13. être à l’école
    to be in school
  14. Parler
    To speak
  15. Arriver
    To arrive
  16. Donner
    To give
  17. Chercher
    To look for, to search
  18. EntRer
    To enter
  19. Chanter
    To Sing
  20. Detedter
    To hate
  21. Aimer
    To Like
  22. Marcher
    To walk
  23. Porter
  24. Travailler
    To work
  25. Voyager
    To travel
  26. Danser
    To dance
  27. Commencer
    To begin
  28. Penser
    To think
  29. Compter
    To count
  30. Aider
    To help
  31. Jouer
    To play
  32. Desirer
    To wish, want
  33. Fermer
    To close
  34. Manger
    To eat
  35. Demander
    To ask for
  36. Telephoner
    To call
  37. Regarder
    To wathc
  38. Ecouter
    To listen to
  39. Passer
    To spend Time
  40. Laver
    to wash
  41. Gronder
    To scold
  42. Couter
    to cost
  43. RencontRer
    To meet
  44. Laisser
    To leave behind
  45. Expliquer
    To explain
  46. Demeurer
  47. Sonner
    To ring
  48. Etudier
    To study
  49. Tomber
    To fall
  50. Trouver
    To find
  51. Pleurer
    To cry
  52. Couper
    To cut
  53. Apporter
    To bring
  54. Quitter
    To leave
  55. Emprunter
    To borrow

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