States and Capitals (U.S.A)

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  1. State: Alabama

    Capital: Montgomery
  2. State: Alaska

    Capital: Juneau
  3. State: Arkansas

    Capital: Little Rock
  4. State: Arizona

    Capital: Phoenix
  5. State: California

    Capital: Sacramento
  6. State: Colorado

    Capital: Denver
  7. State: Connecticut

    Capital: Hartford
  8. State: Delaware

    Capital: Dover
  9. State: Florida

    Capital: Tallahassee
  10. State: Georgia

    Capital: Atlanta
  11. State: Hawaii

    Capital: Honolulu
  12. State: Idaho

    Capital: Boise
  13. State: Illinois

    Capital: Springfield
  14. State: Indiana

    Capital: Indianapolis
  15. State: Iowa

    Capital: Des Moines
  16. State: Kansas

    Capital: Topeka
  17. State: Kentucky

    Capital: Frankfort
  18. State: Louisiana

    Capital: Baton Rouge
  19. State: Maine

    Capital: Augusta
  20. State: Maryland

    Capital: Annapolis
  21. States: Massachusetts

    Capital: Boston
  22. State: Michigan

    Capital: Lansing
  23. State: Minnesota

    Capital: Saint Paul
  24. State: Mississippi

    Capital: Jackson
  25. State: Missouri

    Capital: Jefferson City
  26. State: Montana

    Capital: Helena
  27. State: Nebraska

    Capital: Lincoln
  28. State: Nevada

    Capital: Carson City
  29. State: New Hampshire

    Capital: Concord
  30. State: New Jersey

    Capital: Trenton
  31. State: New Mexico

    Capital: Santa Fe
  32. State: New York

    Capital: Albany
  33. State: North Carolina

    Capital: Raleigh
  34. State: North Dakota

    Capital: Bismarck
  35. State: Ohio

    Capital: Columbus
  36. State: Oklahoma

    Capital: Oklahoma City
  37. State: Oregon

    Capital: Salem
  38. State: Pennsylvania

    Capital: Harrisburg
  39. State: Rhode Island

    Capital: Providence
  40. State: South Carolina

    Capital: Columbia
  41. State: Tennessee

    Capital: Nashville
  42. State: Texas

    Capital: Austin
  43. State: Utah

    Capital: Salt Lake City
  44. State: Vermont

    Capital: Montpelier
  45. State: Virginia

    Capital: Richmond
  46. State: Washington

    Capital: Olympia
  47. State: West Virginia

    Capital: Charleston
  48. State: Wisconsin

    Capital: Madison
  49. State: Wyoming

    Capital: Cheyene
  50. SD
    State: South Dakota

    Capital: Pierre

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States and Capitals (U.S.A)
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Here are some detailed cards about the states and capitals, representation on the map......
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