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  1. what is the term for infestation of lice
  2. what is the term for when small number of demodex mites take over and cause a clinical condition
    dermacentor variabilis or demadecosis
  3. name some Rickettsia disease
    • lyme
    • rocky mountain spotted fever
    • licky
  4. what ecto parasites are famous for carrying rickettsia disease
  5. which antibiotic is commonly used to treat rickettsia disease
  6. where do bot flies live in horses
  7. what is the name if bot flies that live in the stomach in horses
    gasterophilus intestinalis
  8. what is the name of throat bot flies
    gasterophilus nasalis
  9. what is another name for bots
  10. what is the term when flies attack the wound and turn to maggots
    myiaisis-fly strike
  11. what are the two types of lice
    • anoplura-sucking
    • malophagia-chewing
  12. what is the name of egg in lice
  13. where do lice spent the majority of the time? on or off the host
    on the host
  14. what is the name of sheep nose bots
    oestrus ovis
  15. demodex vs scabies
    deep and superficial
  16. what is used to treat scabies
  17. what is used to treat scabies if dog has heartworms
  18. what is use to treat demodex
    • ivermectin
    • increase slowly just incase the animal  has a leaky blood brain barrier
  19. what are some reactions to ivermectin
    • blindness
    • nerologic
    • depress
    • atoxia
  20. what is the scientific name for ear mites
    otodectes cynotis
  21. what is use to treat otodectes cynotis
    ivermectin in the ears or injection
  22. what is cheyletiella
    walking dandruff
  23. what are some clinical signs for cheyletiella
    • dry
    • scaly
    • dermititis
  24. what are the two types of fungal disease?
    • topical-dermatophytes
    • systemic-granulomatous
  25. dermatophytes
    • superficial fungal infection in the skin
    • ring worms in dogs and cats
    • culture it to treat it
  26. granulomatous
    • in organ body
    • treat it as a foreign body and make a fiberous mass around it so hard to treat
    • gets in liver kidney spleen and CNS
  27. what does micosis mean
    fungal infection
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